Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Child Labor

I was disappointed to see small children kidnapped just to work for people who are living far away from them, possibly for those that are just as old as them.

I'm talking about an Indian company that are manufacturing products for GAP. Recently, in my English class, I had a chance to talk about child labor. I'm going to introduce two sites that I used for my presentation.

  1. Stolen Childhoods

  2. CNN video

There have been too many young children who have been forced to work. And we all know how harsh condition they are working on. However, we, adults, cannot stop that.

Actually, when I was watching 360, this exact GAP reports was blacked out due to copy right. So I watched it on podcast. Did this thing happen to other countries, too?

JK was so shiny because of brilliant teeth and a lot of makeups, which might contain a bunch of chemicals, though.


anne said...

It is a long Anderless week,and to be honest,I have not seen 360 this whole week!

I love you pic of the week!
I hope he is back on Monday!
I hope you got my email!

mio_bella said...

I'm also not watching 360 so seriously as usual. I just turn to podcast and watch it in the bed!