Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Can't get used to AnderBeauty

Now I got pretty much exhausted! I was out when live AC360 was on. I had four English classes, in two of which I used segments from Ac360! When I was preparing for those teaching materials, I was infatuated. During classes, I had a hard time trying to stay calm. You know, I cannot see AC without screaming! After work, I came home and started watching Tuesday AC360. Anderson was stunningly beautiful again tonight! He was the handsomest ever! I nearly passed out dozens of times. By now, I am really exhausted from jumping out of my chair, shouting, and dancing with joy. How many times do I have to see Anderson before I can finally stay calm!? All right. I stop writing. All you want is beautiful pictures of our Andy!


This might be a valuable picture! Anderson's blood! Not "blue blood" but dark red!

Feeling like he'd faint at any moment...

Some orange juice made him feel better...

Carefully listening to what the doctor is saying...

Well-polished silver is seen from a stinky trash can!

He looks so neat even in a garbage can!

Did he see "See you tomorrow" last night? I was out and I missed the last moment. I'll find out if he's on in a few hours!


Pati Mc said...

Oh Mio!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was so hoping that you would get pics from Anderson's doctor visit. He was so funny and looked so cute. I was afraid that he was about to pass out cold, the poor dear. I almost did when I donated blood. I was very woozy. Good thing that they gave him some orange juice. It fixed me right up. =)

Someone very close to me suffers from severe chemical sensitivity and it has completely debilitated his life. He cannot go out in public at all and can barely work. It is horrifying to see what this man lives with. I cannot even be near him if I am wearing even soap scent on my skin. Hard life, for certain. I hope that Anderson's reporting helps people who suffer with this malady. He is such a good guy.

Clearly, I cannot wait to see the full 4 hours of Planet In Peril. This thing is huge and I feel certain that Anderson is feeling the exhaustion of just how enormous a project it was.

Seems to me that where Anderson is concerned, filming this documentary was the easy part. All of his appearances and interviews must be making for the most impossible schedule on earth! Frankly, we will all be sad, but he needs to take care of himself and get some rest after next week. I bet CNN gives him a vacation, or we will turn on the show to see a snoozing Anderson in the anchor chair. LOL. He surely deserves some R & R.

OMG, I just saw the LKL teaser and Dr. Phil said that Anderson is broadcasting tonight from L.A. Crazyness! On top of everything else, he flew across the country today? Ok, now I am worried about him. Yikes! He needs to take a break. Just thinking about all of this is making me tired!

Thanks Mio and take care Anderson!

anne carter said...

Have you seen that on,you can pre order the PIP 2 disc dvd?It is out on November 7th.
I have ordered my copy!
Wasn't our Andy just so adorable on Sesame Street??

mio_bella said...

I know all the AnderGirls around the world fainted when we saw his session with a doctor.
He is really powerful! He should at least take some time off on the day he arrived in LA.

I'll definitely get one for me! However shipping will cost $9, and it will take 13-20 days for it to reach me from the U.S. It is not available in so far. So I will just wait for a couple of weeks.

Delie, Pebbles, Andyargentina, Anonymous Korean person...

how's the situation there?