Friday, October 19, 2007


Anderson was live from NY! When I saw him for the preview, my jaw dropped! He has such a professional spirit.

This is my first time to hear about former Pakistani PM Bhutto. It was so ignorant of me not to know such an important figure. I never imagined a woman having become a leader in Islamic country.
I learned a little bit of the situation there. However I still have a lot more to learn. This is a nice opportunity for me to know about a mysterious country.
I heard that formar "Prime Minister" is twice as popular as the current "President." What's the difference between two words?

What's going on in Pakistan is really interesting to me, indeed. However, nothing can attract us more than Kawaii Anderpic!

It is nice to see familiar faces in other programs. Michael Ware is almost always serious on AC360. Now he has been in France and the event he is enjoying is reaching its climax. I felt so happy when I saw Michael Ware having a good time.

Another familiar guy, John King. I'd say he looks niced when he is in the studio at night. After I captured this moment, he appeared again and at that time, his hair got even crazier!


copperfish said...

It was quite confusing to tell the difference but from what I know a President is the figurehead of a democratic country while a Prime Minister is a leader of a govt. in a constitutional monarchy. He is the head of an administration and is responsible for legislature. Sometimes the responsibilities differ upon the type of government the country has. Japan if I'm not mistaken has a PM, Shinzo Abe who recently resigned from office.

mio_bella said...

Thanks for answering my question, Copperfish.

Now I was reminded. I guess I learned (or concluded by myself?) that in a country where people have rights to directly vote for their leader, they have a president.

We do have a PM. We just vote for congressmen and political parties. And it's up to them who will decide later who to become a PM.

Nia said...

I agree! It's nice to see Ware not in mortal danger. Though the combination "green zone and rugby" is a little odd.

mio_bella said...

I fully understand what makes Michael more attractive is danger surrounding him. But it's nice to see him having a good time and he looks so cute!