Thursday, October 04, 2007

Baby Adoption

Larry always makes Anderson smile at the beginning of the show. They like and look up to each other.

Baby adoption, or rather baby hunting, is a heart-breaking problem. The other night, they told us a story of a mother taken away two of her children. At that time, she deserved that. However, they showed images of devastated parents. No matter how bad a mother behave, how one might feel when taken one's baby should be the same.

I heard there are some mothers who produce babies just for sale. This is equal to depriving a child's right to live in a way.

The other day, I was asked by one of my students why people are born. My answer was very simple; "To think." I've always believed that we were born to think why we were born, what we should do in our lives, what abilities are hidden in us, and so on. We never reach one conclusion. We constantly keep on thinking for our entire lives. However, it a person was produced just for sale, his/her answer would be determined by his/her parent. That's sad. He/She is not even allowed to think about these things listed above.

What do you think? Why are people born?

Rather than thinking of this tough question, you might as well indulge yourself in yummy Anderson pictures! Enjoy! (We are born to enjoy!? This is an answer from my coworker.)

Anderson looks even more brilliant these days. Come to think of it, he's grown brighter since he came back from Iraq. He thrives on war reports.


Délie said...

I join your coworker: we were born to ENJOY! Enjoy love, food, arts, culture, nature... I can't go against my nature. The Frenchies are latin people. We are epicurean!

mio_bella said...

I also love your idea! We are born to enjoy! In Japan, we have a tradition of sending a New Year's Cards. I started choosing one Chinese character and writing it with a brush on the cards. This year, the character that I chose was "Enjoy," which is my theme in 2006!