Thursday, October 11, 2007

AC360 preview

Anderson must polish a bunch of silver he owns before his show!?


anne carter said...

That is such a cute clip!
I missed that part-thanks for posting it,Mio!
I would love to have a job polishing his hair for him!!!

Anonymous said...

I knew it that Stephen Colbert would have to say something funny to Anderson. Thanks for putting the clip up. He loves Anderson a lot, I think he said before that he somewhat based his character on Anderson.


Anonymous said...

Stephen + Anderson = TOO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mio, just in case you haven't visited ATA yet they have posted the out-takes video from PIP. It's really going to make your day. I found one part really hilarious I had tears in my eyes.


Délie said...

Thanks for the clip, Mio!
ATA people do such a great job with their blog and really spoiled us with all these pics and the video! I'm so grateful to them for their daily posts! Like I'm grateful toyou, Mio! When you're living in a country where CNN is not a major channel and AC completely unknown, blogs like yours is so helpful! Thank you!

mio_bella said...

I'm glad you also found this moment cute! When I saw Stephen Colbert, just like other people, I sensed something funny would happen during this preview and tossing the program. So I set the DVD recorder just before the preview! I was right! Yay!

Since ATA started posting PIP pictures, videos and other gorgeous stuff, I never fail to visit their place right after I checked my own blog! They are terrific!

I guess you are in the same situation as I am here in Japan, where very few people know Anderson. But you are constantly coming and leaving nice comments for me. I am the one who is grateful to you! I also feel so grateful to other Anderblog owned by American people. Every single Anderblog is terrific!