Sunday, October 07, 2007


Today marked the first year of my Addicted to Anderson Cooper blog!

At first, I wasn't sure if I can keep on updating this blog for more than a month, let alone a year! Also, I didn't imagine communicating with all of you Anderfans from many countries. I remember how excited I got when I first got a comment. Recently I've been constantly getting comments, which really encourages me to keep up. I really thank all of your support!


anne carter said...

Happy anniversary Mio,
hope you have many more years of Ander pics and info,thanks so much for this site!
Oh our Mr Cooper looks so dashing in that photo you posted-but then again he always looks that way!!!LOL
I am really not into sports at all,Mio, but hockey is definitely #1 here in Canada I would say!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mio on your first year! I'm so glad I found your blog, it makes me feel good that there are lots of Anderfans in every part of the world and we're all communicating with each other. We all agree and are interested in one thing though - anything Anderson! Thanks for your posts keep up the good work we all Anderfans enjoy!


copperfish said...

Congratulations, Mio!!!You told one time that you're a lazy blogger but I don't think keep up the nice work and it's nice that I've found this site. :-)

Délie said...

Congrats and happy anniversary, Mio! Keep up the great work you do with this blog! It's such a nice place to come! I enjoy my daily visit here. Thank you!

Nadine said...

Hi Mio,

Happy Anniversary! I just discovered this blog about 2 months ago.

Keep up the good work . . . it is greatly appreciated.

It brightens my day. . . I check it out first thing in the morning.


anne carter said...

OH my,
When you click onto that pic to enlarge it-those blue eyes are so stunning!
What an incredibly handsome man he is!!
Thank you for that beautiful photo,Mio!

Peter said...

Congratulations! 1 year is a significant mark in your career as an Anderfan bloggist. And you are doing very well, your site has been mentioned as one of the best Anderson Cooper blogs. But most of all, have lots of fun doing it. Keep it up and year # 2 will arrive before you know it.

ME Ellee said...

Hey Mio,
I want to add my Congrats, too. Here's to another year for you---or more! lol
Keep up the great work! It's so interesting and I love your perspective, plus pictures. :)

mio_bella said...

Thank you so much for all of your comments here! I started this blog because in my real life, I have no friends to talk about Anderson with. Now I have many friends from around the world!

Living in Japan all through my life, I hadn't had so many chances to use English. Now I am listening, reading, and communicating in English every day! Now I can say this is the best way to learn a foreign language!

I forgot where I DL this photo, but there are some other huge beautiful photos. I'll send a package of them later!

You are one of the oldest visitors to this blog, and I really appreciate your comments. You are always really encouraging to me.

Sometimes, I need rest. But most of the time, I get soooo excited about Anderson and I cannot help blogging so that I can exhale my passion for our Andy!

You are THE oldest, aren't you!? I remember saying that I felt like I was blogging for you. Without you, I might have quit blogging much earlier.

I'm so happy that you constantly check out this blog! I'll try to make you wide awake with stunning beautiful pictures of Anderson!

Thank you for your comment and also you blogged about me on your own blog! How sweet of you! I've never thought that my site is one of the best, but at least you this as such. I feel so honored! I hope I can keep going till next anniversary.

All of you should enjoy most of the pictures I post as I always choose the moments that make me scream or pass out. However, I am not so sure my writing is OK. I am an "outsider" to an American news program. And English is not my daily language. But still you say that you enjoy my perspective, which really made me relieved.

andyargentina said...

Hi Mio! I'm from Argentina
Happy Anniversary! You see, time flies when you're having fun! I love reading your blog and your wonderful Anderson pics.I hope you'll post lots more! Felicitaciones!!!

mio_bella said...

Welcome to the party, andyargentina!

You are from Algentina!? It must be completely opposite from Japan! This is really exciting!
I've been really having so much fun here. I hope you are feeling the same!

After The Love said...


Jan said...

Mio Congratulations on your first year with your GREAT blog. I love coming here and reading what you have to say and for all the caps that you share with us. Keep up the good work. I know as busy as you are it has to be quite time consuming for you, but I think as you can see by all the wonderful comments today, that it is very much appreciated.

Pati Mc said...

Happy Anniversary Mio!

You deserve all of our heartfelt thanks for all of the hard work that you do on your blog. Anderson would be proud of you!

Thanks again. Your pictures are just the best. You capture Anderson in all of his adorable moments. He is the most animated anchorman ever!

Best of luck for your coming years and all of the best to you!

mio_bella said...

After the Love,

It is certainly a time consuming task to blog about AC360. However, I must listen to what they say carefully, which is already a good exercise for me. What's more, if I write about the show, it's even better for me. I always make the same excuse for spending too much time on Anderson. "I am studying English!"

Thank you so much for your support!
"Anderson might be proud of me!?" Oh, no! Just a thought of his having a chance to glimpse this blog embarrasses me! This blog makes me look like a stupid, crazy girl!

Anonymous said...

I was really wondering where AC was last night, I had a feeling he was promoting PIP somewhere and I was right. They had an advanced screening in New York. There are pictures in ATA and Freakspeakers but I guess you all know by now. I really loved the High Res pics ATA posted WOW! It's as if he's in front of you. He really is a good looking man. All the other networks have been sending their correspondents these past months to Greenland to report on Global Warming. Well, Anderson was way ahead of them all now that PIP will be shown on HD in 2 weeks time. They not only covered Greenland but all other continents affected by it. I'm pretty excited to see it, I'm sure they're going to get good reviews on it - with the way they have been promoting it - it's got to be good.


mio_bella said...

Thanks, Pebbles!

Hadn't you given me that info, I might have gone to bed without checking ATA. I've got a cold and I'm not feeling well now. Seeing all the pictures there, I got fully awake!

Sheryn said...

*Throws confetti*

YAY MIO! Congratulations!

Your blog is one of my must reads every day!