Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Child Labor

I was disappointed to see small children kidnapped just to work for people who are living far away from them, possibly for those that are just as old as them.

I'm talking about an Indian company that are manufacturing products for GAP. Recently, in my English class, I had a chance to talk about child labor. I'm going to introduce two sites that I used for my presentation.

  1. Stolen Childhoods

  2. CNN video

There have been too many young children who have been forced to work. And we all know how harsh condition they are working on. However, we, adults, cannot stop that.

Actually, when I was watching 360, this exact GAP reports was blacked out due to copy right. So I watched it on podcast. Did this thing happen to other countries, too?

JK was so shiny because of brilliant teeth and a lot of makeups, which might contain a bunch of chemicals, though.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Planet in Peril 2 -Carteret Islands-

"World's first climate refugee." I think I heard this phrase when they were reporting from Maldives. (CNN Video), but it seems the situation in these islands is even worse. Global warming, breached coral reef, and volcanoes... They could never have worse combination like this. What's worse, they do not have any safe place to live in, with the nearest island being unstable.

He is said to be the first "journalist" that has ever dived into the coral reef.

I was also shocked to see many dead coral. That's because the temperature of the sea is rising.

What a journalist! Or should I say, "What a doctor!?"

The sea looks so beautiful for outsiders, however, this coast line is a threat to those who are living in the sea. "People are being washed away," that's what they said. The first time I heard that, I thought that's exaggeration.

However, it is actually washing away trees, gardens, houses, which results in increase of mosquitoes, which carry diseases throughout the island.
This is true. They are being washed away.

However worse the situation is going, there are always people who love their place.

"The island is washed away. It is definitely true. But life here is too valuable to leave." I was touched by her word. People there are suffering from adverse effects from global warming although they contribute little about it.

Next report is from Lake Chad!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Planet in Peril 2 -Arctic(Alaska)-

This is an article about Alaska. As you might expect, there'll be no Anderson.

what I learned about Arctic
  1. Polar bears are becoming smaller in the past decades because of they don't have enough foods. They are even cannibalizing each other.

  2. Although they are marine mammals, polar bears are drowning, which I'd already heard before.

  3. They lost vast quantity of ice there, 6 times as large as the State of California. Living in Japan, square mile sounds so unfamiliar to me. I converted the unit and calculated by myself. They said one million of square miles are vanishing? That's 6.8 times as large as Japan! This is really alarming!!

  4. I thought polar bears are on the list of endangered species list but they haven't. Adding them to the list is a double edge sward. It is obvious that the situation cannot be reversed soon, and therefore the number of polar bears will surely decline. We must protect this "rare species." However admitting that this animal is sure to extinct means admitting that the U.S. government, Bush administration rather, will not be able to stem global warming.
I was mesmerized when I first saw wild polar bear running on the ice. That's the image I'll never be able to see for myself. (They said finding polar bears is like looking for a needle in the haystack?)

A mother bear thought they were in danger, she protected their baby and cubs were clinging to their mom's body. They were really cute. I knew those wildlife biologists0 were not attacking them but I felt bad when they took cubs from their mother. Cubs looked so cute however how they barked was scary.

How terrible it is to be deprived of the habitat even thought it's not their fault.


This is our habitat! It's so warm!

Descendants of those polar bears ...

... might be gone.

Now it's your turn, Dr. Sanjay Gupta!

California Burning

How many people in the world feel obliged to watch AC360 although they are covering the same story for 3 hours each night? I think I fully understand how desperate people involved are, how the situation is changing there, but simply, I cannot turn off TV while Anderson is on.

This is for a picture for my friend, who also likes Ted. Is there anybody here who also likes him?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Planet in Peril Part2 -GREENLAND-

What I learned about GREENLAND
  1. Water reflects sunlight, which melts even more ice. That's a matter of course but I never thought of that.
  2. Tempreture increased by 4.5 degrees Celcius during winter, which is one of the largest temperature increases on earth.
  3. Moulin? The explanation of how iceshield slides is curious.

  4. I didn't know islands are being discovered because ice melts. I was so ignorant that I leaned this for the first time when AC went to Greenland about a month ago. That was shocking to me.
  5. Ice has become thinner by 40% in the last 40 years.

Far more unpleasant moment

Staying under this harsh condition for a month must be difficult. However, they can have fresh bread every day. That must be really good in cold basement. But here is a question. I remember Anderson's comments after he spent 5 days there, without taking a bath or brushing his teeth! Do they refuse not to do that for a month? Too silly question, eh?

Being in a non-English speaking country, I couldn't understand one word. What is funny about how they call a bathroom? Shigloo?

He passes on to Jeff from Alaska.

Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect
This is the simplest words to summarize this amazing 4-hour documentary.

For the first time I saw this image, I could understand what they mean by showing us a drip of water. Now that I've watched the whole documentary, I come to take it to heart.

What we consider little things may truly affect people far away from us. Eventually, those effects will come back to us in various ways. As a proverb says, what goes around comes around.

I will take time blogging about PiP

Yesterday & today, I had Anderson overload and had no time for picturecaps and blogging! I tried taking pictures from PiP Part 2 and I already got more than 10 for just 15 minutes! Recap of Planet in Peril should take a lot of time. I decided to blog about each segment at a time.
Now it's time to leave for work!

Here's another picture at the fire.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

San Diego

He was in NY last night wasn't he? And he is in San Diego reporting the wildfire! Last week, he surprised us by flying from NY to LA and appeared on the show two days in the row and he did this again!?

PIP has already begun?

All those stories they covered were somewhat concerned about climate change. All that fire will produce so much amount of CO2, which might be worse than deforestation. In order to extinguish fire, a lot of water is needed. However, there is a city where people are suffering from severe drought. You might call last night's program the U.S. in Peril. I felt a tightening in my chest when I saw a reporter reporting his own house burning down. I really hope for their quick recovery and decent government operation afterwards.

Speaking of fire, one of my friends had an arson attack last night. His family noticed that at about 2:00 and everybody was safe. He is a local TV newscaster and I saw his colleague reporting that incident. I know everybody in his family, actually his daughters are my students, however I am at a loss for word. They were under investigation for such a long time and they might be exhausted. I have to wait till I phone them.

Anderson suddenly grabbed his blackberry? Somebody called him during the show again?

Our lovable trio.
The other day, when his blood was examined to see if there are some chemical in his body, didn't he say that he would let us know during the premier? Or just said later?
Anyway, some chemicals were found in Anderson's blood and his makeup might be responsible for that. When I heard that, I remembered "Neways." I was asked to buy their products a few years ago. She (another friend of mine) said " The rest of the products in the market may contain could-be poison. Our products are free from carcinogen. This is the only product you can rely on." I never used that. Do you know "Neways?" Has anybody used that?
Overwhelming PIP week is starting! I'm going to be really really busy!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I couldn't get what the problem was. Did what Copperfield was alleged to have done really happen? That may be an illusion as well as all the other captivating performances. Oh, he is under the investigation, which is not an illusion. He was one of the celebrities that got paid most in 05. But he disappeared from the list the following year. Was that also illusion?

I was appalled to hear the remark by the Nobel laureate. African people are inferior? If babies are tested gay, women should have rights to abort them? If you are stupid, you are considered to have a disease? How narrow minded that guy is! Even though he had discovered the structure of DNA, which has really a big impact in biology, he is not worth being admired considering the set of insulting remarks.
I don't mean to but under his analysis, I could say, "Scientists are narrow minded and do not know about people because they spend most of their time in a lab examining only one thing for his entire life." Again I'll make it clear that I don't think all scientists are like this. I believe everybody has a significant role in our society.
I've got so angry at him! How can I calm myself down?
What else can make me happier than this!