Friday, September 14, 2007

What's Discussed & What's Happening

I was curious about this heated discussion. Iraq was is not an America-led war. It is a war for American people, not Iraqi people. Presidents said that stable Iraq is essential for peaceful America, I don't remember exactly what he said, but something like this. This sounded so disturbing to me. They started this war and have been creating a lot of casualties, like we've seen later in Michael Ware's report. Then they want to stop this war for themselves?

Another thing that I found disgusting was they were constantly talking about their political situation. "In order to win the election, the president needed to state...." What's this war for? The president looks dumber and dumber (Is this the right word??) as the speech went on.

Again, Anderson & Michael are in the right place in the right moment.

Do I look like Anderson Cooper?

Well, sort of.

Seeing the plane called Predator was really disturbing. They can kill people without any fear of being killed. To people operating on the ground, they can atack enemies as if they were playing a video shooting game. If they do not see actual persons, they will regard the real persons on the screen as vertual persons. Especially, shooting a car seemed like they were playing a game. No matter who they are atacking, shooting and killing, we must not forget each person has his or her family, friends who are losing their important persons.

Even though they call this area, "Green Zone," there's no such a place like a safe zone in Iraq.

After this segment, we saw Michael Ware's report on burying dead bodies. It was really disturbing as Anderson warned before this segment. But that's what they see in Iraq. There seems to be a huge gap between how American soldiers see Iraqi people and how much they sympathize those victims.

Also, there's another strange but nice thing. America is helping an Iraqi boy who is suffering from a terrible burn on his face. They are doing whatever they can to help one Iraqi boy, while they are killing so many Iraqi people there. Really strange situation.

This is going to be my 4th day of posting "getting brighter" screen caps. Anderson appeared wearing the same shirt. The location place is the same. So I tried to choose not-frowning Andy this time. I hope you'll like them!


anne carter said...

Hi Mio,
I will be very relieved when he gets back from the Iraq-it is so dangerous there and I worry about his safety.
What the heck is he thinking-he should have that vest and helmet on all the time-oh Andy Cooper!!
Delie, another great Ander collection!

Soupy Twist said...

What in the heck was up with putting the flack jacket in the shelter thingie? What good is that going to do if he were to get shot at? It seem to me that he doesn't really like wearing them. He stopped wearing his bulletproof vest in Sarajevo after a while because he felt like he could connect with the people there wearing it. Maybe that's why he wasn't really wearing it. BUT STILL, HE SHOULD HAVE KEPT IT ON! I wouldn't know what to do with myself if Andy were to get hurt on trips like this.

Anonymous said...

I believe those Kevlar vests are quite heavy. Maybe it was hard to move around with them, but then of course in a dangerous place like Iraq - safety first. Michael Ware wasn't wearing his vest either and he's been living there for quite a while. I guess they know when the coast is clear. But still, if you think about it, anything can happen anytime. We all know Anderson's been exposed to those kinds of situations early in his career, I guess taking such risks to them is just like a part of their job.


mio_bella said...

I, too, agree with you all. He should have worn the vest all the time, but without it, he looked great, risking his live, assimilating into lives of people living there. And what's more, he looked so sexy! (How stupid of me to say such a thing when Anderson was having a harsh time there!)