Wednesday, September 19, 2007


It's almost 2:30am and I don't think I'll have to bother to watch and write about O.J. Simpson. All I enjoyed was Anderica segment!

I've never tried Theraflu and I don't even know if it is available in Japan. But I can conclude that if taken too much, you might become forgetful, feel like falling out of a trampoline onto the ground. I am wondering if he might caught a cold after "the" shower after Monday's show.

Take a good rest, Andy!


Nadine said...

New person here . . . enjoy your blog.
Missed the "theraflu" part as the OJ coverage is just too boring for me, just fell asleep. What was that about? He probably got sick in Iraq - too much strees, no sleep, probably didn't eat well.

What did he say? That he had a cold?

Keep up the good work on your blog - you do a good job.

Pati Mc said...

Hi Mio,

I have joined Anderson and am currently also doped up on TheraFlu myself. I feel like I am in a parallel universe and I cannot stay awake.

Not sure if TheraFlu is available in Japan, but to give you a heads up - it is a lemony aspirin flavored powder that you add to HOT water and drink. And it just hit me that Anderson does not drink HOT things, so I wonder how he got it down? Interesting.

How that dear man looked so good and stayed in his anchor chair I do not know. TheraFlu pretty much knocks you out, even though it is touted as "non-drowsy". I look and feel like crap and I am off to bed as we speak. Not sure if I will waken in time for the show or not, but I will try - in spite of all the OJ junk, I remain loyal. =)

Frankly I feel badly for Anderson, if he feels at all like I do, having to do a live show on subject matter that you detest would be impossible. We need to rally around him. There are so many very negative comments going on his blog and others. Maybe I am nuts, but I cannot get too nasty knowing that he does not feel well.

As one of my favorite sayings goes..."Mean people suck". I love real news, I do not like this OJ crap either, but I refuse to take it out on Anderson.

Okay, I am off the soapbox and on to bed. Goodnight all and please rest and take care Anderson.

anne carter said...

I have not watched 360 for the past 2 nights because of this OJ stuff,so I hope they get back to real news again soon!I missed the Anderson on Theraflu segment but saw it on youtube-awwww I hope he feels better soon!
Mio,I luv that Andy muscle pic of the week!LOL

mio_bella said...

Welcome to my blog, Nadine!
Duing Anderica segment, he almost forgot his turn to introduce the Shot of the day and he attributed that to taking Theraflu. Then Erica showed him that video of a bear falling into trampoline then onto the ground. Then Erica said, "You feel that way, right?" kind of thing.

Thank you for TheraFlu information. On the spot when I read thaat it is taken with HOT water, I thought about the same thing.
I didn't read nasty comments on 360 but I read the newest one and assume they got a lot of complaints. I, as a foreigner, am not at all interested and I'm finding it boring when they spent way too much on OJ. However, that is their decision, perhaps after a careful and thorough consideration and we should acquiesce.


I thought I could see Anderica Theraflu moment on podcast. I just started to check the podcast but I cannot! I deleted last night's show from my HDD just after I watched it. I should have stored that moment! But at least you can see it on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Anderson's been reading our comments, but I noticed he doesn't have that studio hairdo anymore. His hair doesn't look stiff, looks natural the way we like it. I hope it stays.


Soupy Twist said...

I'm trying to avoid the TheraFlu but it seems like everyone is getting sick. My mom has a runny nose and my aunt has a sore throat. I'm just staying locked up in my room when I'm home and hoping that I don't get a cold.

You're right Pati. I didn't even noticed that it was non-drowsy. I'm always falling asleep after I take it. So much for the "non-drowsy" part. However I have to say it does work wonders. It's much better for me the NyQuil. Never take Niquil when you plan to say up. I get the effects of drunkenness when I take it. It would be sort of amusing if Andy were to have doped himself up with NyQuil instead of TheraFlu-lol

I think he's not using the hairspray simply because he's sick and is worn out a bit.

mio_bella said...

I've never used medicines made in the States but I hear they are pretty strong. Compared to that, Japanese medicine might be too weak. I don't like taking medicine and if it doesn't make any effect, I usually do without it.