Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pleasant Surprise

It being Labor Day in the States, I did not expect to see Anderson today. He did not appear for the preview so I thought he would be off. When I saw him live, I screamed as usual. My dog, Bella, who was sleeping beside me, woke up and ran away from me.




Yeah, triple Dimples for Delie!

What were they thinking? How come they did this to Anderson? Did you like this??
The camera is peeping into Anderson's PC. No sooner had he finished saying his "line" than he started checking his PC. Is he checking out instant feedback or something?

Perfect Profile!

I did not know what "Jim Crow" means, and I checked out at Wikipedia and learned what it is. I did know this law but did not know the word. Isn't this the law that triggered the bus boycott thing? I'm not quite sure about American history. Whatever the reason might be, the idea of setting a place where only white students are allowed to stay is really annoying. On the surface, it looks like everybody has rights to do whatever others can do, but still discriminatory feeling is hard to die. It might be kind of the same as the relationship between Japanese people and Korean people.
Anderson's lines on the forehead will disappear when they shift to CNNHD!? I'm going to miss them!


Délie said...


Thank you for the three dimples!!! You know me so well... He is so cute!
It was such a nice surprise to see Anderson live yesterday. And Michael Ware too! When I read the Breaking news yesterday that Bush was in Iraq, I was hoping for a Michael Ware's report about this! And I got it!
I didn't like the Anderson pic with the mustache. "Beurk" (Yuck in French)!
Discriminatory between Japanese and Korean? I didn't know that... :-(!

Nice screencaps as always.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you screencapped the crap out of that Joan Rivers/Andy Wrinkle Comparison, I was dying, even though we all know she's a Botox Queen.

mio_bella said...

Thank you for teaching me a nice(?) French word. That mustache & beard Anderson looks "beurk" to me, too!

Anonymous person,
Thank you for leaving comment! I don't know about Joan Rivers but at least Anderson's face with a lot of wrinkles looks so cute.