Thursday, September 13, 2007

Passionate and Compassionate Interviews

As I wrote earlier, it is 6:00am in Baghdad when AC360 starts. The sky looks so dark. I like the way we're seeing what's "hidden" over the dark sky as the show goes on.

He said he'd interviewed the general earlier that day. What time was it? Anderson was working in the middle of the night!? When did he steal some moment to sleep?

The top official is in far away safe place, and the interviewer is right in the middle of what is happening. I like this contrast a lot. He hasn't forgot to ask about his feeling toward parents who lost their loved one.

In the U.S., they are criticizing Iraqi PM and again Anderson went into the right place.

One thing I found interesting is the part about his appearance with Iranian President holding hands.
To me, what Al-Maliki said sounds so natural. But to American citizens (or politicians?), they don't like these two countries to have a good relationship? Hmm, the situation in Middle East is sooooo complicated. All I can do is just hope for a good solution and the world peace.

This time, he asked what the Minister thinks about American who are serving in Iraq. The words Anderson brought from Al-Maliki sounds so precious.

Dawn is drawing near...

We are starting to see the the buildings...

It's got so bright! I never expected to see such an exotic building on the left side.


Délie said...


Thank you for all your screencaps. The last one is very nice.
I like all the reports from Iraq this week. Very informative and interesting. I was specially moved by all the Gary Tuchman's stories. Great job! It's the AC 360 that I like!!!

beaslma said...

hey great job with screencaps and recaps.

I think Al-Maliki is between a rock and a hardplace. Not only does he have to "meet" the expectations of the Americans, but he also has to make sure his county will be able to survive afterwards. It's a hard balancing act and while it appears from the interview that he's trying i'm afraid it's not enough. the Iraqis on some level don't seem to give a damn (and that's only a handfull i'm sure) so why should we?

Anyway....hey on a personal note...Andie and I have started our own 360 recap blogg, simliar to AnderCandor the link is below check it out. We were both sick last night so I know I didn't recap last night, we'll see if Andie did. We try to put up articles that strike us as interesting and then of coruse recap the show each night.

Check it out! :-)

mio_bella said...

Délie ,
What's you wrote is very true. This is AC360! The stories that you cannot see anywhere else!

Thank you so much for your intelligent comment. I cannot know enough about situation in Middle East no matter how much I read or I watch. (I don't think I've read much though.)

Congrats on your launch on your new blog! I'm visiting your place now!