Sunday, September 16, 2007

Natural Anderson

We saw some "new" segment from Friday Keeping Them Honest, but I'm not saying anything smart!

I often say this to my boyfrind;
When I compare you with Anderson, the only thing you can win is the depth of that wrinkle between brows.
The sun seems quite dazzling and Anderson's narrowing his eyes, which makes the wrinkle even bigger and deeper! Yeah! Anderson is the winner!
On another note, my boyfriend is having a frowning face even when he is asleep. I wonder if Anderson has that wrinkle while sleeping!

Oh! A little bit of bangs! Cute!


Soupy Twist said...

You know, Mio, I have often wondered about if Anderson has that wrinkle while he sleeping, too. I thought it was just me.

I love Anderson when he has no hairspray in his hair and it sort of feathers onto his forehead. I also love that he is wearing a t-shirt. I don't know how I feel about the brown pants that he was wearing, though. It was a change...and they were sort of baggy too...I wonder how skinny is he really. I need to get an internship at AC360. I must know!

mio_bella said...

I loved the brown pants he was wearing. I, myself, like wearing that kind of baggy pants? flight pants? cargo pants?... don't care whichever you call them. So that should be my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mio! It's so funny of you to point out his cute bangs on the picture. I wouldn't have noticed it. Ever since, I've always loved Anderson with his natural hair - no gel or hairspray. I wonder why he doesn't have that hair in the studio. He looks a lot better with it, than his usual studio hairdo where his bangs are combed and looks stiff. But then, he looks good anyway no matter what.


mio_bella said...

Every time Anderson appears on the screen, I meticulously check how he looks. The picture with a little bang was just before they shifted to commercial. After the commercial, his hair looked a little bit different. No more bangs any more. Gosh! I sound so stupid!

As for studio hair-style, my mother often complains about it, saying that makes him look even older. He needs to look prim and proper at the studio. In this way, we, Anderfans enjoy the gap between formal Anderson and casual Anderson!

Pati Mc said...

Soft haired Anderson is the best by far. His hair is too hansome to have gel and spray. It drives me nuts when he does that!

Missed you guys, I was away for a while but it is good to be back.

Mio, as always your pictures capture the "real" Anderson. Great job and thanks =)

ME Ellee said...

It is good we can discuss important things here :) Now, yes I DID notice the little fluff of Anderbangs BUT, the thing which caught my attention during the whole segment (who knows what he was talking about?) was the large, EXTREMELY LARGE muscles bulging from his shirt. I don't suppose the rest of you noticed that.

mio_bella said...

Welcome back, Pati!
His hair is too handsome! That's right! That makes me pass out right away!

me ellee,
I thought I noticed that extremely large muscles and I checked out all the pictures but I cannot find the right one. I'll capture that again and post it later! Please come back tomorrow!

mio_bella said...

Me, again.

When you mentioned that extremely huge muscle, I at once thought about the bicep pic that I forgot to capture. I'm a huge Anderbicep lover!

I did notice that his chest is so broad and really sexy, but that's all. When I came back to this page and see this picture...

I couldn't help screaming and screaming!! I jumped up out of my chair, walked around screaming, totally out of hand! And I still cannot get used to seeing this too sexy Anderson!

Thanks, me ellee, for killing me!