Friday, September 07, 2007

Luciano Pavarotti

Hi, Anderson! So shiny every night!
Nessun Dorma! by Pavalotti

I don't know how many times I've watched and listened to Pavalotti since last night. Turandot is one of my favorite operas. (If you do not know about this opera and you are not interested in it, just skip reading! I can talk about this for hours and hours!) All the songs are beautiful. Usually dresses are beautiful and exotic. Scenery of the stage is gorgeous. However, I always think the story itself is so stupid. The princess(Turandot) is such a selfish and disgusting person. And usually, she doesn't looks so beautiful because this role is often played by a very experienced singers. Because of that, Calaf and Liu look even more attractive. Actually areas by both of them are the most famous and the most popular among all of the areas from this opera.

"His singing gives more pleasure to more people for longer period of time than any other classical singer in history." I think that's true. And he will be givine much more pleasure from now on as well.
Anderson is missing his voice too?


Délie said...

Hi Mio,

Thanks for posting the link to the video of Nessun Dorma by Pavarotti. In Paris!!! Great moment.I love it and was glad and also moved to see it on AC 360. I like all Puccini's Operas. My fav is La Rondine (specially the song called "Chi il bel sogno di Doretta").

And Anderson said a line from one of my fav movie Casablanca "why people should be shocked to find out that there's gambling in Rick's casino.". It's not exactly the same one, word by word but I guess it's now a usual expression.

mio_bella said...

Randy Kaye is anchoring AC360 tonight! I like her and it's OK but not as exciting as the show anchored by Anderson.

I'm glad you noticed that video is live from Paris! I checked out many of Pavalotti Nessun Dorma video and I chose that because the Eiffel Tower at the end looks so beautiful.

Video on Pavalotti from AC360 sure was nice and it sweapt away almost everything I thought I would be blogging about. Like Bin Laden matters, new ipod things and so on.

I didn't know what Anderson said is a line from Casablanca. You know nice operas and nice movies. You are so sophisticated!

aki said...


I am so sorry for this news. I've never been to his concert.
I have his CD so I sometimes listen to it.

PS Thank you for your sweets. Yum-yum! I shared with my colleagues.
Thanks again!