Sunday, September 09, 2007


While politicians and the White House debate the war, Anderson Cooper is in Iraq, keeping them honest.

From this introduction, we can tell how much CNN is proud of Anderson Cooper. I cannot help hoping for his safe stay there.
This may sound so stupid, but to tell you the truth, I haven't paid so much attention to Iraq situation. I'm afraid I might not fully understand what Anderson will be reporting on. I'm going to read as many articles as possible before I see Anderson on Monday. This is really a good opportunity for me. I can study really hard!

From Reporter's Notebook (Baghdad 2005)


anne carter said...

HI mio,
I worry about our Andy in the middle east,and pray he stays safe.
I did not see the polygamy story,it really does not interest me much I am afraid!!

mio_bella said...

"May he stay safe!" This is all we can say. But Anderson will probably say, "there are people who are living there, so why not go there and see for yourself?"