Tuesday, September 11, 2007

LIVE from Baghdad

Just a quick posting for Monday's show. I'll write about it later. But who would like to "read" my writing? All you need need might be beautiful photos! Anyway, I will write something about it for my English practice!


CNN Video (Camp Cropper)

AC360 BLOG (Prison population surges)

I felt so sorry for those Iraqi juvenile detainees. They are not the ones who are to blame. They had been educated to be insurgents. To them, trying to attack wardens using weapons might be a matter of course. And now, they are being brainwashed again by American people. They do need decent education and this is certainly one step toward the right direction. However as Anderson said at the end of this segment, they'll have no hope after they are released from custody. No jobs, no decent social system, no safe community. And they (we? you?) want to withdraw our troop from Iraq? Considering the dangerous situation there, it is too irresponsible to say this, but we cannot do flee from the country that unless citizens there can live decent lives.

After the video was over, Anderson stood still for 7~8 seconds, which was way too long and was somewhat awkward. However this explains how deeply Anderson was sympathized with these detainees.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mio! Thanks for the great screencaps. You really know what we Anderfans want. I was just going to request you to post Anderson wearing the military sunglasses, and there it is - you've posted it already. Actually, I only saw a glimpse of it because I was doing something so I'm glad you have it up. Also, I want to know if the second hour was LIVE. Did I miss anything? CNN Intl. only showed the first hour. I think CNN Intl.'s schedule for AC 360 is back to one hour again.


Délie said...

Thanks Mio for the screencaps!

Peebles, I shouted so loud this morning when I saw that CNN Intl cut after the 1st hour! And I thought the same thing than you: they took back their former schedule... I guess we can say good-bye to the 2nd hour of AC 360!! Maybe it's time for another e-mail...

I'd like the show and wan't wait to see the orther reports.

Jan said...

Mio-Thanks for the great caps.

The show was just live for an hour. I was really disappointed since they went that far, that they didn't do the whole two hours live, so you International viewers did not miss anything, other than he read a few comments at the end of the second hour. I have a feeling this is the way it is going to be from now on. No more second hour live. I wonder if they have something down the road that will replace Anderson and the second hour since fall is the beginning of a new tv season, so they might change the CNN line up.

Soupy Twist said...

I don't know. For me I was actually glad that it wasn't a two hour show for this. The reason why is that...well he's in Iraq and he's outside. So for his safety, I think for this an hour is just fine. I just hope that when he returns, it'll go back to two hours.

But on the other hand, getting two hours of content for a show is really hard work. Considering that the has other commitments with CBS for 60 minutes and other projects, it must be a strain on him. Perhaps the hour format allows him to do all he wants without feeling too much stress. In my opinion, if they do keep the live show at just one hour then they should cut the second hour. But then you have the problem of filling up the second hour...hmmm...

Soupy Twist said...

Oh, BTW. Thanks Mio for the lovely screencaps.

Fangirl moment: Is it just me or does he fill out that field shirt just a little bit more in the arm and chest area. Me likey! Oh, and I absolutely love his hair. There's no hair spray which is the way I like it best. I want to run my fingers through it. Is there a little bit more of a darker 5 o'clock shadow above his top lip. Will Anderstubble make another apperance? I hope so!

mio_bella said...

When Anderson was out in the sun, he was narrowing his eyes and he finally wore the sunglasses. He appeared with them for only a few seconds but who can miss that!?

The second hour was rerun here in Japan. I terribly missed two-hour show when they started airing the first hour but now I'm pretty much used to its schedule. CNN stragegy?

That's true! I just said that I am not so shocked to see the rerun, but they are risking their lives, reporting what other journalists cannot from far away. I am starting to think AC360 might be a one-hour program. However, assignments for other programs like SIU might be better than lots of rerun of 2nd hour, talking about similar things again and again.

You already took words out of my mouth! We miss two-hour live Anderson, but there might be a lot more benefit if they let Anderson do other work.
As for 5 o'clock shadow, I actually forgot mention it!! I was thinking about that when I was watching him live. It was literally "5 o'clock" shadow wasn't it? Or "6 o'clock" shadow?

I forgot to mention another thing. It was about his field shirt! It was its first appearance for the TV, wasn't it? He really like things slightly different from what he already has!

mio_bella said...

Anderson did promote 360 podcast but they have not offered one from Monday's show. Anderson said it is top downloaded these days, so I checked it out. It was ranked 29th. With no wonder. They didn't supply us today.

Soupy Twist said...

I do believe it is the shirt's first appearance on TV. It's quite wrinkled. Now I want to pack his stuff for him...Then again, it adds the scruffy Andy appeal to him.

It does look like it has progressed to a 6'o clock shadow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Anderstubble. I mean, Michael Ware often has stubble while he's in Iraq so it give me a bit of hope that Anderson won't shave. It needs to come back; Anderstubble is just so sexy! *daydreams about Anderson at Yellowstone with stubble*