Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Little bit of O.J.?

I went swimming this morning, and as soon as I came back home, I turned on TV of course. Then saw this! Did they discusse the OJ matter a little bit? I'm in awe. Anyway, I thought Anderson said, "People are fed up with all the OJ coverage, but still people are watching." As far as AC360 is concerned, I guess many people do watch it only to watch Anderson! No matter what stories they cover, we will watch!

And a serious side of AC. Beaudiful.

I love those wrinkles, Anderson. And you don't have to have blond hair like that procecutor with a totally different look!

Me with blond hair!?

I cannot get rid of this nasty cold.

Did you take another Theraflu before the show?

Mmmm, Theraflu.

Take care!


copperfish said...

Hi! just new in this site. BTW, you've got nice caps of him.

On OJ coverage on AC360, I think it's both. People still watch it because it's a developing story and of course because of the anchor.

Anonymous said...

We had almost another hour of OJ, but you know what I enjoyed it a lot. I enjoyed laughing at their comments, especially Anderson's and Jeff's. He's right saying it all looks like a bad Hollywood movie. They were already laughing on the first few sentences of the program. It was all so silly. Anderson mentioned he was done with it and already had his fill. He's doped up on Theraflu which made him through the program. As he said it's all gettimg weirder and weirder. Finally, Erica's comments are hilarious. Erica's really silly - suggesting Anderson having blonde hair and boobs if he becomes an ET correspondent (referring to Marcia Clrak's makeover). He just laughed it off, but I'm sure Anderson bashers are going to say something about it and interpret it in another way.


Soupy Twist said...

"I'm sure Anderson bashers are going to say something about it and interpret it in another way."

They probably will even though there is clearly nothing in it.

I think I might actually need TheraFlu (I always want to say "ThermaFlu" for some reason!) and some rest. I have a couple of more interviews then I have to type up my story (thank goodness for my editor who offered to take up the other story I had) and I have to study for two tests that I have on Friday. Holding the long hours and getting up really early to work on things is starting to take its toll.

Délie said...

Hi all!

I haven't seen AC 360 yesterday and won't see any til next monday! And you know what? O.J. or not, I don't care! I want my fix of AC 360! I won't complain anymore about the content of this program (well, maybe a little bit sometimes :-)!). I miss it!
Thanks for the screencaps, Mio! They are so great!
BTW, we have TheraFlu in France and I hate to take it. It makes me feel "sleepy".

@ SoupyTwist: good luck for your tests. I hope you succeed to write your three articles.

mio_bella said...

Welcome Cooperfish!
To American people, what you said must be true, but to a Japanese person, I am not at all interested in him and all I see is the anchor!

You seem pretty busy! I hope you work hard now and that you'll realize your dream!

I'll try to post many pictures to this blog so that you'll at least seeing how Anderson will look for the rest of the week!

Pati Mc said...

Mmmmmm Theraflu! It fixed me right up, but maybe not so much for Anderson. Where is he? He is not on tonight and he said he would see us. Oh no! Anderson is sick. =(

Either that, or all of the OJ crap made him sick. Poor Anderson - get well soon!

Mio - you never cease to amaze. These photos of Anderson are just plain beautiful. *sigh*

Even sick, he is still just cuter than cute. And his giggling uncontrollably at what Erica said, I cracked up laughing. Also, I have no desire to see him with blonde hair - ever! Ew.

Have a good weekend girls! Delie - enjoy the beach!

Soupy Twist said...

Thank you Mio and Délie. I'm going to do my best. I think I'm pretty prepared, and I'm almost done with my stories. I can't wait until the weekend. I need rest.

How can Andy keep busy all of the time? It makes me admire him even more. In a few months I'll be starting up a broadcast unit to my school newspaper, so I'm really going to be busy with editing, writing, and filming. After editing a few vlogs for my friends, I realized how time consuming it is. I don't know how he does it, but I hope I can step up to the plate like he does when I need to.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling Anderson wasn't able to make it, he's been sick this past 2 days I think his body couldn't take it anymore. I also have a feeling he was supposed to be on because if you noticed Tom Foreman in Raw Politics he said Anderson in the end. But they muted it so we didn't hear him say Anderson's name. Also, John Roberts' plug in American Morning was cut short, he ususally says the anchor's name in the end. I think they cut it off because he said Anderson in the end. This is just my guess. I hope he's just resting and sleeping because I think that's what his body needs right now. We missed you Andy! I have a feeling he won't be on tomorrow either.


Jan said...

Okay 2 nights in a row and no Anderson. He must really be sick.

So Mio how about some more great caps this weekend for all us having Ander withdrawl?

Peebles I noticed the same thing with Tom Forman mouthing Anderson name, so I think last night was a last minute thing.

Soupy Twist said...

I noticed that too. I hope Anderson has a speedy recovery. Oh, and it's getting to the time of the year where people should get their flu shots. I hope Andy gets his.

mio_bella said...

I just chose another set of beautiful Anderson! I hope you enjoyed them.

Pebbles, Jan, & ST,
I didn't notice that! Rather... I didn't see the show in the first place! I've had many things to do and when Anderson was not on the show, I didn't want to bother to watch the whole show. I decided podcasting was enough and I still haven't watched them. Maybe I'll be watching them on the weekend.

Jan, it is a nice idea to post some pictures and I already did that! I guess that problem is too easy for you.