Friday, September 28, 2007

A Japanese Journalist

A Japanese journalist was killed in Myanmar yesterday, which was a big news here. It was really disturbing to see this picture, but I did it anyway. (I heard they also aired a movie of this scene, which I'll never be able to watch.)
Anderson mentioned him in the show. As an anchor, he was killing his emotion trying to be succinct. What he said was "He was still taking pictures." And twice. How he said, how he looked reflected his emotion and we didn't need more time and more words to report on this journalist.

He often said "Somebody must go to such places as nobody wants to go. And I will." He was on the foot of the Hussein statue in Iraq when it was broken down. He was holding a camera alone, speaking to his camera. What a journalist.

When I heard of this news, I remembered an article Anderson wrote on saving journalists. I completely forgot where and when I read that. I thought I'd saved the link to my favorite lists but I cannot find it any more. Is there anybody who has the link? The writing was awesome and I want to read it again.

I don't remember how many times I've watched this Anderson in Yesllowstone Park. But how can I miss those yummy Anderson!?

By the way, this tie was one of my list of "once-worn ties." Since this is his second time to choose this, I have to cut out of the list.


mio_bella said...

I finally found the article!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mio...(미오)
난, 한국인이야.I'm Korean.
It was heart break news.(A Japanese
journalist was killed in Myanmar)
I don't have adequate words to express my sympathy. It's such a pity to lose him so young...
He was excellent journalist.
I know there is no real consolation,
but please believe that you have all our sympathy.
It might be the hardest time to
Japan at this period...
May God be with Japan in this hour of sadness
We will always remember him in our
prayers. bye.. take care~

mio_bella said...

Welcome, annonymous person!

I'm so glad I can communicate with somebody from my neighboring country.
I'm also glad you really feel empathy for all the people who really miss him.
Thank you for leaving a nice comment.