Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm annoyed!

I have several complaints tonight!
  1. What were all the screen that appears before commercial breakes? That's so annoying to me! We'd rather see Anderson in various camera angles. I wrote about this yesterday, but at that time, that happened only once. But it seems they keep on showing those annoying "Don't touch something something screens? (I don't even bother to remember what it said!) As I do this picture capture thing, Anderson sitting all the time does not excite me!
  2. Is podcast working? I downloaded Monday's podcast but I cannot DL the last 3 minutes. I downloaded again and again but I cannot make it. How come!? Today, the same! Then I deleted it and try to DL again, but I cannot find Tuesday's podcast on iTunes! Where has it gone!? Widget on this page says it was last updated on 26th, and I can see podcast via the internet. I cannot save it on my PC. CNN podcast page says that AC360 podcasting is featuring PIP, but only a part of segment. That's not so special to me. (Oh! 26th podcast is back just now! Goody!)
  3. My PC is sooooo slow! I really had a hard time watching the show.
  4. I was working on something and when I started blogging, it was 3:00am! Yikes! I could opt not to update today's blog and to hit the sack immediately, but simply I didn't want to.
As I wrote, capturing is not so exciting as before. Still, I got about 20 pictures. However, I don't think others are worth posting. I should send feedback asking to stop showing those "He's not kidding something something" screens!

Anyway, to try to make myself comfortable, I'd bedder see beaudiful Anderson!

BTW, today's my birthday! Yay!


Délie said...

Happy birthday, Mio!!! It's probably too late now. It's already tomorrow for you! I hope you enjoyed it and had lots of fun...even if AC 360 annoyed you and you got some technical problems. Sorry for you!

Jan said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MIO--Like Delie said it is already tomorrow in Japan.

I didn't like the commercial stuff either, it got on my nerves.

Maybe tonight will be better

anne carter said...

Hi Mio,
hope you had a great birthday!!
oh those commercial breaks with the messages are so annoying-''don't touch that dial'',''back in 60 seconds''-I do not like them at all!!!!Who came up with that idea?? I always enjoy your Andy pics!!!!

Soupy Twist said...

Happy belated birthday, Mio! I hope you had a good one.

I sort of like the commercial break time thingies because they are sort of useful. Usually I do things during the commercial break so it's good for me to have a "back in 60 seconds" cue, but I can definitely see how it can be annoying to others. Maybe if enough people complain about it, they'll stop doing it.

mio_bella said...

Thank you for all of your comments! Actually "tomorrow" is my birthday in your countries. It's already 27th and that's my BD!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mio! Hope you have a great day today.

Anderson said what they did with the commercials was just an experiment so I don't think it's going to be a permanent thing. I like the way it was before.


Délie said...

Ok, I can say it now: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Enjoy it!

No more messages before the commercial breaks... Clinton ITW was good.

mio_bella said...

Thank you for nice comment, Pebbles!

I missed the part where Anderson mentioned the way they shifted to commercial breaks. Just an experiment but they started again! I don't like them!

Thanks again, delie!
Yeah, the interview was really worth watching. I wish I had enough time to blog about it. Now, Thursday show has finished and I have to get some pics, and blog about it. (Maybe after I come back from work...)

CNNj has an overwhelming schedule tomorrow! 2-hour AC360, SIU; Narco State twice, and Edge of Disaster in one day! 5 hours of Anderson! What a treat! 3 hours of the show would be rerun, though.




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