Saturday, September 22, 2007

For your Anderless Nights...

I guess many of you paid me a visit because you are bored with Anderless AC360 (Sorry, Soledad!) and 360-less weekend. Here is a little quiz for you!

Where is Anderson reporting from in the following pictures? (Too easy for all of you AnderGirls!)

- 1 -

- 2 -

- 3 -

- 4 -

- 5 -

I might have posted the same pictures on this blog. I've improved my picture editing skill and these new ones should look nicer.
As I predicted earlier, the quiz was too easy for you all! Everybody got the right answers!

Here are extra quiz for you. A little bit harder ones.

Picture 1
What is Anderson looking at?

Picture 2
He changed the shirt before the show started. Was that Anderson before the show, or during the show?


Jan said...

Mio--thanks for the caps. Maybe this will get us through the weekend.
I say
1. Brazil
2. Chicago
3. VA Tech
5. Minnesota

Soupy Twist said...

I do believe Jan is correct.

beaslma said...

1. Amazon Andy ?
2. Chicago
3. Virginia Tech
4. New Orleans
5. Mineapolis

and I didn't scroll up to see the other answers first! Unless of course i'm wrong, then i did look at the other answers! HA!

Anonymous said...


I'm watching the Japanese Motor GP(World Championship Motorbike) race in Motegi right now.Big motorsports fan.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

I got the first four pictures right, the fifth one I can't seem to remember then when I saw Jan's answer, I now recall it. The answers for your part 2 quiz:

Picture 1 he's looking at a rare spider(?) Jeff was showing him.

Picture 2 that was the black shirt he was wearing before the actual broadcast. He was in Chicago there right?

I'm proud to be an Anderfan!


Anonymous said...

I hate it, our cable's down, they said they were making major repairs. I hope they fix it by tomorrow. We've been having an Anderdrought and I can't stand to miss AC360 on Monday (Tuesday here in Manila). I want to see Anderson LIVE, I hope he's feeling better. I miss him more now than when he was on vacation a few weeks ago. I wonder why.


mio_bella said...

Hi Girls,
I was pretty lazy about this blog. As I added to the blog, everybody got the right answer!

1. Anderson is looking at one of the largest spiders in Amazon forest.

2. Chicago
This is the one I captured during the preview, 15 minutes before the show. It was a half-sleeved shirt and I guess he was feeling a little bit cold. For the show, he changed into his former field shirt.

3. VT
5. Minneapolis

This is a fun thing to have done for Anderless weekend. I already have another idea for the next weekend!