Saturday, September 29, 2007

Disgusting Crime

Before the show, I had checked CNN website and seen an assaulted girl's picture there. I felt really sick to read that. At that time, he was thought to be 4 or 5 years when that video was taken. I am teaching the piano to young children. One of them is 4 years old. She is so adorable, immaculate, innocent, obedient and honest. I cannot imagine her being sexually assaulted.

Then AC360 started, and they'd decided to hide the girl's face, which I think is a good decision. A lot more details had come to light and the girl was 3 years old. That's horrible! I cannot imagine how they can assault such young girls.

In Japan, we rarely hear about very young victims of sex-related crime. Very few people know the facts that even that young girl can be a victim. The first time I knew about it was when Anderson went to Congo last year. I was shocked. Now I am even more shocked to know that can happen in our society as well.

I recently read that only Japan and some few other developed countries allow people to have lurid pictures of young children for their own pleasure. This eventually result in sex crime. Thus other countries insist we prohibit possessing those kinds of pictures for any purpose.

My favorite Ander-moment!

What? You have an audacity to ask me a question?

Let me see ...

That was a piece of cake!

Another question? Go ahead. (I'm reluctant though.)

It's on the tip of my tongue!

Oh, you give me a second chance!

I think I got it but simply I don't!

I'm a jeopardy champion and I cannot answer?
(Confidently) I'm embarrassed.

Hooray! In the end, we had two hours of AC360!
See you on Monday!


In Japan, we finally had "Narco State"
and also "The Edge of Disaster."

I'll definitely update again during the weekend.


Anonymous said...

That was funny lol, This is hands down my favorite blog. Keep it up! Very cute...

Anonymous said...

I miised the show last night, what was the citizenship question he was asked?

mio_bella said...

Thanks, Annonymous person. I'm so glad you enjoy my blog!

Welcome Rosie,
Actually, what they were talking was completely incomprehensible to me as a foreigner.
I went to Transcript page. Here are the question. I'll just paste them.

HILL: Name one branch or part of the government.

HILL: The Federalist Papers, which were written in support of the passage of the U.S. Constitution, name one of the writers.

Soupy Twist said...

It's so sad that things like this incident can happen. I hope they will find the guy who did this to her.

I was sort of surprised that he didn't remember who wrote the Federalist Papers. I mean, he was a political science major. But I can see that since it has been about twenty years since he's been in college it could have slipped his mind...I guess... I could name the right off the bat and I was sort of screaming the answers. I would love to see Anderson be a contestant on the regular version of Jeopardy.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, CNN Intl. only showed the first hour of AC360, so I missed the 2nd hour. I had a feeling he was going to be live on the second hour because there was breaking news. So I went to transcripts to read what happened on the 2nd hour. And it was nice to see he said he will be back on Monday night. I watched Narco State yesterday - twice. It was great hearing Anderson's voice throughout the hour, but it's unfortunate he had only a segment on camera. I think that was the time when he was sent back home to the US because of the VTech shootings, so he didn't have much to shoot segments on camera. But still, it was very good and I learned something new. I never thought most of the opium came from Afghanistan.


copperfish said...

I used to have only the first hour of the program then one month after their trip from SEA, I already have the chance of seeing it for full 2 hours. Last month it was back again for the one hour viewing. So I wasn't able to view the 2nd hour.

Finally I was able to see his report on SIU:Narco State. It was shown Saturday at 2200 hrs and a repeat on the next day at the same time. There are only few moments that you can see him on-cam but I think for him it's really his report/story that matters.

mio_bella said...

On YouTube, I saw Anderson attend Jeopardy. Most of the questions seem so unfamiliar to me. Anderson was answering so quickly and getting a lot of right answers. Not knowing the level of those questions, he looks so smart to me.

Only first hour of Friday AC360 was not so exciting to you. Almost half of the show was alotted to press conference of sheriff(?? Was that sheriff? I don't remember exactly.)

I said I would write about Narco State but I haven't. I've been so lazy on this blog. I actually finished watching only the first half. So far, I haven't seen Anderson on that program, but the content itself is really interesting to me. Of course, it is hard to watch, but that's the reality.

Anonymous said...

Just want to let you know CNN Intl. only showed half of AC 360 today. They went on to the broadcast of the meeting of the two Korean leaders. I was hoping they could've finished AC360 first before they showed that. I'm quite disappointed but what could we do, right Delie? I'm waiting for them to post the transcripts so I know what happened on the second half of the program. I hope I didn't miss much.


Délie said...

I screamed when they cut during the Raw Politics segment! And I thought about you, Pebbles! So unfair.

I just watched the podcast. I was waiting for some Michael Ware's stories... Another disappointment! The transcript is not available yet. Tough day for the AC 360 - CNN Intl viewers!

mio_bella said...

Pebbles & Delie,
Fortunately, we had 2-hour AC360 in Japan. I would have be offended if they had shifted from AC to Korean matters. However, it would have been worth seeing for Japanese people. Japan is involved in six-nation talks and what's happening there is more important than Britney, or former 14-year bride.

This is weird. You might be less concerned about Korean matter and you saw that. We should be more concerned about this and we didn't. I assume there is a huge AC fan inside CNNj!