Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Anderson Speaking Japanese!

This is a commercial of CNNj about two years ago. At the beginning, Anderson speaks a little bit of Japanese. He says,

"CNN no Anderson Cooper des."

Only two syllables! But this just means, "I'm Anderson Cooper, CNN." He should have spoken English! But the way he tries to speak Japanese looks so cute.


As for Iraq LIVE, I did watch it live but I was working on something else. And now I'm burning a DVD and cannot do my usual screen-cap thing. I screamed when Anderson smiles wearing that sexy navy Tshirt. Maybe I'll post some pics later.

I think I've said so many times that I do not know enough about Iraq situation. In Tuesday's show, they were talking about closer relationship between the U.S. military and Sunni? Is this a good thing? Sunni used to take power because of Hussein and now he's gone and Shiite are in power. Strong Shiite VS Sunni supported by the U.S. doesn't sound nice thing to me.

Gosh I sound so ignorant! I should spend more time on reading, actually I checked out 360blog only 5 minutes after the latest one was posted. That must have been a good chance to become the first one to leave a comment, but I am too ignorant to do that.


I know what's going on in Iraq and Afghanistan is really important to all people on earth. But to Japanese, something unbelievable happened today.

Japanese PM Mr. Shinzo Abe decided to leave. This is announced only 2 days after inauguration address. The new Cabinet existed for only two week!

I'm feeling really sorry for Mr. Abe. He garnered an overwhelming popularity when he was chosen as a PM. At that time, due to former PM, many laws are changed and many people suffer from financial burden in order to reconstruct our society. The political situation is in a chaos. Then he was chosen. Who could keep on going in that situation? During his inauguration, too many ministers resigned because of financial problems. Some of them even resigned after only 1 week. PM was heavily criticized for not having posted the right persons to the right places.

He was a promising politician, but he was too young to have PM position. And the situation was too complicated for him. He should have had more experience before he became PM. I thought people should wait before he was ready. He has a potential to become a good politician in the future. However what's happened during his inauguration and how he resigned were terrible. And he won't have second chance, which sounds so sad to me.


Soupy Twist said...

You don't sound ignorate, Mio. You pose a good question.

The way I see it is that although having the relation ship with the Sunnis and their militia helps keep some form of peace, it does conflict with the political aspect of this. In order for Iraq to have a strong government that can govern and protect its people, they must me unity amongst people. Right now you have Sunni vs Shia (or Shiite) militias, and I don't see then unifying anytime soon. The situation with the US working with the Sunnis may help with keeping the violence down, but it counters what Washington wants.

I honestly believe that the politicians need to be more realistic here and really analyze what is going on. I feel that they are trying to simplify a situation that cannot be simplifed. You can't just pull out the troops and you can just send in tons of people. No one really thought about this five years ago, which is one of the major cause of this problem right now.

I don't know if that's clear or not, so I'm sorry if that's a little confusing.

Now, enough US foreign policy talk, on to fangirl talk! He looked so hot in that t-shirt! See, that's what I like about him. Normally when I see a guy in a t-shirt, it's never fitted. Usually it's very big on a guy, unless he's fat. Anderson wears fitted t-shirts which definitely great fanservice, I think.

Soupy Twist said...

I totally spelled "ignorant" wrong there. I just had to point that out.

mio_bella said...

Thanks for the tip, ST.

Anderson looked so hot last night but he looked really cautious. He blogged about the situation in Camp Victory. It is not safe there! We complained a little bit that he should have 2-hour live show. But only one hour live is a good service in such a dangerous place.

mio_bella said...

I forgot to say one more thing. When I was writing this article, I was almost asleep. Now I read this again and found totally unreadable. My writing was deteriorating as article went on. I just now changed the last part of the article and didn't forget to check my spelling.

thank you so much for reading such a terrible article and posting comment!

Anonymous said...

Anderson blogged today,he even apologized for not blogging yesterday - he's so sweet! But he didn't have to apologize. He said he's been up for two days for the show, poor Anderson he's not getting any rest. I hope he does get some sleep today.