Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Anderson looks like this!

Just a quick post.

He was wearing a black narrow tie. But just now he appeared on the show and is wearing a dark red one, which I have never seen.


Jan said...

Mio I thought during the tease he had a black tie on. He must have come from the Elton John dinner and didn't change until after the tease. I am glad I wasn't loosing my mind.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know, I didn't know that he changed ties. I just want to share something I read in another blog. The one who posted was present in the Barnes and Noble book signing of Jeff Toobin yesterday in NYC. She said that Jeff relayed to everyone Anderson was supposed to be at a news function (Emmys) but he opted to be there with Jeff instead. Aww, how sweet of Anderson - anything to help a good friend.


Délie said...

Good program yesterday with Reza Aslan and a PIP segment! Some commercial breaks were too close, coming too fast but I liked the messages. I think they could have added another one: "Please stay!".

And I got another good news: the CNN Intl viewers could watch the SIU Narco State this weekend. It was only a question of time! :-)!

@ Soupy Twist: I hope you're ok now and feel better!

mio_bella said...

I just posted a blog full of complaints but you all have a good time watching the show! Actually, show itself is nice. Anderson was brilliant, but I terribly miss "Anderstands," peeping PC shots, and all the other moments.

Thanks for letting me know that he joined Elton John Dinner. I just now got bunch of pictures from there. How cute of him to change his tie for the show! With that black tie with white shirt, he looks so formal for the show.

We can see from screen that Anderson has such a good relationship with all the people engaged in his program.

Thank you for all the pictures! I didn't have time to go to other blogs as I was struggling with this slow PC and iTunes.

It's almost 4:00am! I will definitely go to bed now!