Thursday, September 06, 2007

AC360 is coming up

It seems a lot of exciting topics are covered for tonight show.
The other day, I asked you how you use the word "anniversary." To me, using that word for an event like Katrina sounds strange. And Anderson used that word again for 911. Maybe this is only my problem. Here in Japan we quite often see the words "anniversary" but we always use the word for something nice.


Anonymous said...

You are right Mio, they use the word anniversary for celebrating something nice. But I think in the US, they use it as a word for remembering a certain event annually, whether it be a happy or tragic event. AC360 today was full of hard news, in contrast to what we've been getting these past days. I think a lot of Anderfans will be happy - talking more of the important stuff than some news item that's over discussed and just goes on and on. I just read Anderson will be in Iraq next week, so he won't be on tomorrow, I guess. A part of me is excited that he'll be there for the 9/11 anniversary I'm sure he'll be bringing us lots of info from the ground. But also a part of me is scared and nervous for him, you know in Iraq - anything can happen. I hope that he collaborates a piece with Michael Ware, that would be something I would look forward to. And this is the kind of reporting Anderson does best, in a war zone, being in the thick of it, getting stories from the soldiers and the people of Iraq themselves. Keeping them honest as he always says. I just hope Anderson would be careful. I'll be praying for him.


mio_bella said...

All Anderfans are worried about him going to Iraq. But this should be what he really wants to do. I remember Anderson said several times last year that he'd be going to Iraq soon, which never realized. Let's hope for his safety and for brilliant reports.