Wednesday, September 05, 2007

AC 1/4

Hi, Anderson! You're as brilliant as usual! I've been waiting for you!

Huh? They are talking and talking about that politician?

What? They are still talking about that inappropriate behavior at the rest room?

Oh, my! It was quarter to 11:00 when they finally shifted the topic!

Did I spend too much time on Senator Craig?

The nicest thing I saw on 360 was CNN Heroes. Anderson's smile looks so warm and we can tell that is from the bottom of his heart. (Actually, I think I missed the best smile during the show! That was the one before the commercial break. Does anyone have the screencap?)

It is not until you desperately feel the need to do something that you really take action. As Anderson said, it doesn't matter how old you are to change the world. What an amazing boy!

I hope to see more stories around the world tomorrow night!


Have you checked out 360 blog? There's a nice pic from Planet in Peril. Actually the article is about Steve Irwin.


anne carter said...

HI Mio,I think they spent way to much time on this senator story last night,I wish we had got more variety of news.
Jeff has a very touching blog entry about Steve Irwin.
I cannot wait to see Planet in Peril in October.
Is the song they play on the Planet in Peril trailer one of Enya's and do you know the name of it?it is so beautiful!
I hope you got my email!

mizzkel said...

Thanks for the great screen shots, nice to see him clean & shiney!!

Anonymous said...

I loved AC 360 today. A lot better than yesterday's. I enjoyed the Anderica banter - it's back! Both of them are so funny. I sort of wished that when Anderson flexed his right arm (to show his "guns" after crushing the can) - he wasn't wearing his coat and tie, but our favorite shirt. i'd be one happy girl if that would have happened. I love it when Anderson's in a good mood and being silly.


mio_bella said...

Hi, everybody. I'm so glad you all enjoy my screencaps here. I posted more than enough Anderson from Wednesday's show. I hope you enjoyed them!