Wednesday, September 12, 2007

07/09/11 Screencaps

I managed to post some screencaps before Wednesday's show starts. Phew! I don't have to feel obliged to but I cannot help doing this thing especially after I saw super sexy Andy!

I liked the part in which Anderosn mentioned his trip to Afghanistan. The place sounds not so dangerous any more as Iraq sounds even more dangerous. He is always caring for soldiers who are serving in Afghanistan.

Anderson blogged again today. The beginning was so cute! He apologized for not having blogged on that day. I really wanted to write, but I couldn't. "Stay safe," "I appreciate your report," I just don't want to write this kind of thing. I really want to write something more. However, I haven't paid so much attention to Iraq due to the big news in Japan. Also I feel like an outsider about that Petreaus' testimony, knowing that will eventually affect Japanese foreign policy. In the end, I decided not to write for that blog. I feel so frustrated! I should read more, watch more and study English more.

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