Saturday, September 29, 2007

Disgusting Crime

Before the show, I had checked CNN website and seen an assaulted girl's picture there. I felt really sick to read that. At that time, he was thought to be 4 or 5 years when that video was taken. I am teaching the piano to young children. One of them is 4 years old. She is so adorable, immaculate, innocent, obedient and honest. I cannot imagine her being sexually assaulted.

Then AC360 started, and they'd decided to hide the girl's face, which I think is a good decision. A lot more details had come to light and the girl was 3 years old. That's horrible! I cannot imagine how they can assault such young girls.

In Japan, we rarely hear about very young victims of sex-related crime. Very few people know the facts that even that young girl can be a victim. The first time I knew about it was when Anderson went to Congo last year. I was shocked. Now I am even more shocked to know that can happen in our society as well.

I recently read that only Japan and some few other developed countries allow people to have lurid pictures of young children for their own pleasure. This eventually result in sex crime. Thus other countries insist we prohibit possessing those kinds of pictures for any purpose.

My favorite Ander-moment!

What? You have an audacity to ask me a question?

Let me see ...

That was a piece of cake!

Another question? Go ahead. (I'm reluctant though.)

It's on the tip of my tongue!

Oh, you give me a second chance!

I think I got it but simply I don't!

I'm a jeopardy champion and I cannot answer?
(Confidently) I'm embarrassed.

Hooray! In the end, we had two hours of AC360!
See you on Monday!


In Japan, we finally had "Narco State"
and also "The Edge of Disaster."

I'll definitely update again during the weekend.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Anderson's Guns

Following is an article from

Iraq Trips Hamper Anderson Cooper's Gym Schedule

Last night we sent a reporter to Elton John's AIDS Foundation benefit with a mission: Find Anderson Cooper and ask him about his bodacious new biceps. Bennett Marcus, our intrepid interviewer, took on the task and confronted Cooper about his ginormous guns. Below is what transpired:

Your biceps are really big lately. How are you working out?
“Wow. What is my workout routine — I’ve never been asked that question! Um, I don’t know [Ed. note: At this point, Cooper appeared to be dying of flustration.], I’ve just been … working with a trainer and uh, I don’t know, lifting a little weight, and running a little. I don’t know.

Is that new? The trainer and the rest?
Uh, you know, I just turned 40, so yes, I’m trying to be a little bit healthier now and trying to eat a little bit more sensibly. And also, with traveling so much, you know, it’s tough when you’re in Iraq to do anything, so I try to work out when I’m here. [Ed. note: Best. Quote. Ever.] This is really … I sound ridiculous.

They gave me this question, I’m not kidding. [Ed. note: Sure, sure, blame the gay boss.]
Wow, well, I didn’t know that New York Magazine would notice my biceps. My trainer will be thrilled. I’m going to pass this along to him. His name is TJ. He’ll be very excited.

Of course we noticed, Anderson. It's like you took Angelina Jolie's breasts and hung them from your shoulders! (Except somehow you made them whiter.) Don't tell us you didn't want us to look. Now can we talk about this TJ guy? You don't happen to have his phone number, do you?

Anderson's biceps look like Angelina's breasts! I guess they are much harder and much harder to obtain.

A Japanese Journalist

A Japanese journalist was killed in Myanmar yesterday, which was a big news here. It was really disturbing to see this picture, but I did it anyway. (I heard they also aired a movie of this scene, which I'll never be able to watch.)
Anderson mentioned him in the show. As an anchor, he was killing his emotion trying to be succinct. What he said was "He was still taking pictures." And twice. How he said, how he looked reflected his emotion and we didn't need more time and more words to report on this journalist.

He often said "Somebody must go to such places as nobody wants to go. And I will." He was on the foot of the Hussein statue in Iraq when it was broken down. He was holding a camera alone, speaking to his camera. What a journalist.

When I heard of this news, I remembered an article Anderson wrote on saving journalists. I completely forgot where and when I read that. I thought I'd saved the link to my favorite lists but I cannot find it any more. Is there anybody who has the link? The writing was awesome and I want to read it again.

I don't remember how many times I've watched this Anderson in Yesllowstone Park. But how can I miss those yummy Anderson!?

By the way, this tie was one of my list of "once-worn ties." Since this is his second time to choose this, I have to cut out of the list.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I was quite busy yesterday and I could manage to finish posting just before Thursday show starts!

Oh, those annoying "He's no kidding." "Don't touch the dial" kind of announcements disappeared! Many people must have been annoyed by them.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm annoyed!

I have several complaints tonight!
  1. What were all the screen that appears before commercial breakes? That's so annoying to me! We'd rather see Anderson in various camera angles. I wrote about this yesterday, but at that time, that happened only once. But it seems they keep on showing those annoying "Don't touch something something screens? (I don't even bother to remember what it said!) As I do this picture capture thing, Anderson sitting all the time does not excite me!
  2. Is podcast working? I downloaded Monday's podcast but I cannot DL the last 3 minutes. I downloaded again and again but I cannot make it. How come!? Today, the same! Then I deleted it and try to DL again, but I cannot find Tuesday's podcast on iTunes! Where has it gone!? Widget on this page says it was last updated on 26th, and I can see podcast via the internet. I cannot save it on my PC. CNN podcast page says that AC360 podcasting is featuring PIP, but only a part of segment. That's not so special to me. (Oh! 26th podcast is back just now! Goody!)
  3. My PC is sooooo slow! I really had a hard time watching the show.
  4. I was working on something and when I started blogging, it was 3:00am! Yikes! I could opt not to update today's blog and to hit the sack immediately, but simply I didn't want to.
As I wrote, capturing is not so exciting as before. Still, I got about 20 pictures. However, I don't think others are worth posting. I should send feedback asking to stop showing those "He's not kidding something something" screens!

Anyway, to try to make myself comfortable, I'd bedder see beaudiful Anderson!

BTW, today's my birthday! Yay!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Anderson looks like this!

Just a quick post.

He was wearing a black narrow tie. But just now he appeared on the show and is wearing a dark red one, which I have never seen.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Just a quick post.
I learned a lot about Iran, which Anderson says is his job, and I have more to write and more yummy pictures to post. After I come back from work, I'll add more below this post!


I leaned quite a lot about Iran and Iranian president. Still I have so many things to learn about this misterious country, and watching AC360 will definitely be helpful! Actually, I had a brief chat with my boy friend and he was amazed how little I knew about this matter. He is so fed up with my Ander-addiction but he finally told to me to go to AC360 and learn! That's not the kind of advice I should get. I am watching this show more than twice a day!

I was so shocked to see the image of two teenage boys who would be executed. That is the reality, not the fake one! That thought made me so sick. I was watching a Japanese TV news program, where they covered a little bit about Ahmadinejad's visit to NY. However only a few minutes was allotted for his speech. One of the line they showed us was about nonexistence of homosexuality, then audience laughted. At least the news anchor said that was not at all a cheerful laughter, but that's all. I'm so proud I'd watched CNN and that I knew more than that. Again, I have to learn more and more watching this great show!


How can I miss this moment!


See a difference?

I usually get out of my hand when I see Anderson for the first time in more than 3 days. (Usually, I just get crazy and shout every time I see him.) However, I wasn't that much attracted tonight. I was wondering why and now I've got a solution. He was sitting at the same desk all the time. No Anderstands, no peeping-into-PC camera angle. I really love varieties of camera angles that chase Anderson all through the show. However, it was not until I missed them that I really appreciate them.
Sorry, I read all of your comments now, but I am really sleepy (it't 2:00am now) and write to you back later.
Delie, I was thinking the same thing! In the end, you didn't miss much of AC360 because of Anderson's illness. And podcast offers you to have more than 20 minutes. Taking it into consideration that about 20 minutes is spent for commercial, you can get about the half of the show can be downloaded now! So you really didn't miss much!
Write to you later, everybody!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

For your Anderless Nights...

I guess many of you paid me a visit because you are bored with Anderless AC360 (Sorry, Soledad!) and 360-less weekend. Here is a little quiz for you!

Where is Anderson reporting from in the following pictures? (Too easy for all of you AnderGirls!)

- 1 -

- 2 -

- 3 -

- 4 -

- 5 -

I might have posted the same pictures on this blog. I've improved my picture editing skill and these new ones should look nicer.
As I predicted earlier, the quiz was too easy for you all! Everybody got the right answers!

Here are extra quiz for you. A little bit harder ones.

Picture 1
What is Anderson looking at?

Picture 2
He changed the shirt before the show started. Was that Anderson before the show, or during the show?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Little bit of O.J.?

I went swimming this morning, and as soon as I came back home, I turned on TV of course. Then saw this! Did they discusse the OJ matter a little bit? I'm in awe. Anyway, I thought Anderson said, "People are fed up with all the OJ coverage, but still people are watching." As far as AC360 is concerned, I guess many people do watch it only to watch Anderson! No matter what stories they cover, we will watch!

And a serious side of AC. Beaudiful.

I love those wrinkles, Anderson. And you don't have to have blond hair like that procecutor with a totally different look!

Me with blond hair!?

I cannot get rid of this nasty cold.

Did you take another Theraflu before the show?

Mmmm, Theraflu.

Take care!