Tuesday, August 14, 2007

You're Beautiful♪

I have been pretty busy these days and so has my boyfriend. We haven't met each other for about 20 days! (He lives just 3-minute drive from my home. How lazy we have been!) Anyway, he could steal a time off from work and asked me for eating out for lunch. What!? Anderson is appearing at any moment and he wanted me out!? After I posted my previous blog, I reluctantly went out. At least I screamed to my heart content and then went out. We spent a half hour together and came back and checked tonight's AC360. And I cried and cried again. I didn't miss my boyfriend for 20 days but I terribly missed Anderson. What a stupid girl I am!

I don't want to say anything about the show for a while. Just indulge yourself in yummy Andy!

Phew, I can finally talk about tonight's show.

This incidet made me sick. I fail to understand why they let this illegal immigrant out of the jail? It shouldn't matter whether you can apply your low or not. Protecting people's lives should be your first priority.

I already heard about this world's tallest man on a Japanese news program yesterday. I though AC360 will choose this topic for the shot as they showed that Chinese tall man several times. I heard he's declined to be checked his height for years and recently he finally complied. I also heard he is still growing taller and taller. If he gets 20 cm taller, he will be the talles ever.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mio, you're so funny. Does your boyfriend know about this? LOL! You're truly obsessed with Anderson, and so are we all. I'm really glad he's back. I don't think I'll be able to stand another week without him. He looks so cuter and more handsome tonight or maybe I just missed him so much. His hair is a little long in front, I'm sure he'll be having a haircut soon. I like his natural hair - no gel or hairspray like his picture on the AC 360 website. Was he really in Fiji?


anne carter said...

Thanks so much for the screencaps Mio-oh he looks so gorgeous,as usual!I missed him so much last week-does anybody know exactly where he was?Bet it will be soon time for an Ander cut!
I would love to see you come here for a visit-I am in Newfoundland Canada.We could have a big Andy celebration!!

Délie said...

He's back in NYC as the same time I'm back in Paris... Perfect! And when I came home and turned on the TV, I saw the AC 360 commercial! It was a sign and made me so smile! It's so good to see him! Such a relief.

Pati Mc said...

Oh thank God! *sigh*

Add me to the list girls. I missed him too. And I agree with Pebbles that he looks even better than usual. I truly hope that "Mr. Never Takes A Vacation", did indeed take one for a change and got some rest. It appears to me as though he has.

He is the most hard-working and dedicated news dude ever, but he is also human. We all need to refuel our bodies once in a while.

Yes, the hair looks perfect to me, so I feel certain that he will cut it. Oh Anderson! =)


Nice to see your smiling face and hear those giggles!

Soupy Twist said...

I literally screamed when I saw his face. I wanted to jump into the TV, hug him and run my fingers through his hair. He does look tanner and absolutely yummy.

My ramblings on the tall guy: I really hope that the tall guy will be able to get surgery. Some doctor who is an expert in gigantism should lend a helping hand since he cannot afford getting the proper medical attention he needs. I wonder if he has acromegaly or some other kind of giantism. He doesn't look like he had Sotos Syndrome. According to one article I found, he used to be the smallest kid in his class at school until he hit the age of 13. So this definitely could be a tumor in the pituitary gland of his brain. If this is the case, he needs to get medical attention because he could very well die in a few years.

mio_bella said...

Yes, my boyfriend knows about that. He is addicted to all kinds of news but he cannot understand English. At first he is happy about me watching news. He said that he would be unhappy if I didn't watch news program and that it was a good thing for both of us. Now, he is kind of fed up with being told about Anderson and I decided not to tell him about Andy.

I forgot to mention his long hair! As you, pebbles & Pati said, I did notice his long hair in front.
I cannot wait to see you in Canada someday!

Welcome home! Your home and AC360 with AC! Good for you!

We were suffering from a severe Anderdrought, which makes him even sexier when he first appears on the show.

Wow! I wanted to jump into the PC screen! (I am watching 360 on PC!)
As for tall guy, he is tall because of malpractice of the surgery? In that case, he should be treated as such. If what you say is true, this is not a happy news but a sad news.

Soupy Twist said...

That's not what I said. According to the article that I read, his family was too poor to go and visit the doctor and because he is having complications because of his height he can't work, thus making him unable to pay for the surgery. Because he's continuing to grow he is susceptible to contracting illnesses due to a plethora of things because of height. For instance Robert Wadlow, the tallest man on record died at the age of 22 from an infection that he contracted in his feet because of the weight that was being put on them was causing blisters. Right now, this guy is starting to have problem. What I'm saying is that some doctor who is an expert in the study of giantism should help this guy out before it's too late for him.

I didn't mean to make this comment so long. I hope that clears things up.