Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday AC360 "Hasn't" Started

When I do this, I usually record the show and won't be able to see the live show carefully. I'm leaving home in an hour and I won't be able to update this blog for two days.

Larry with his finger on the lip. Hmm, just like JR Anderstands, this looks a kind of silly.


As I told you, I'm leaving home for camping. My father turned 60. Here in Japan, we usually have a big birthday party when people become 60 years old. 2007 is the year of Boar. This is the Chinese zodiac year system. It has 12 animal symbols. Also we use another system and it has 10 symbols. (Actually we never use this and I don't know enough to explain here. Maybe next time...) So we have sexagenary cycle. My explanation is far from satisfactory.


I have another thing I want to write today. (Oh, no! AC360 has begun!!)

Today is "End of the Pacific War Day." This morning, I was watching a report on how American people have been taught about their decision to drop Abombs. I heard most history textbooks say, "It saved lives of many people because we could stop the was immediately thanks to atomic bomnbs." At first, American students are saying that dropping Abombs was right thing to have done. Then a history teacher showed how Japanese people are suffering from the adverse effects even now.

I have been taught since my childhood how terrible abombs are. But again I felt a tightening in my chest when I heard a story of a woman. When she was a little girl, a bomb was dropped in her town. She was with her mother at that time. She survived. And her mother seemed to survive. Then she called her mom sitting beside her. Mom didn't answer. Then the little girl touched her mom. Mom literally collapsed. Her entired body had turned into ash! She said she could never forget that moment. That happened 62 years ago but she still remembers vividly as if it had happened just yesterday. People are still suffering from physical and mental ailment.

Thanks for reading non Ander related things.


One last thing for you.
I guess all of you have already learned that Anderson was in Niger on his working vacation. I hope 360 will show us his assignment there. We, international viewers, should ask CNN!

(Those Anderson in Niger in 2005)

It seems they are talking about Dan Imus again. Hmm, I'm fed up with his remarks. How many times have we heard his comments on the basketball player? Now I think CNN or other medias are inconsiderate. She doesn't want to hear it any more. Which is more important? Let viewers know how and what caused this problem, or leave the girl alone?


Pati Mc said...

Have a safe and fun camping trip Mio.

Thanks for the pictures, as always.

Please wish you father a Happy Birthday. My son is 30 today (8/15/07) I just talked to him - he lives in Seattle. Good people born near the same time. =)

We will miss you while you are gone.

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip too! Hope to hear from you soon. Now about Anderson - why am I not surprised that he was working again during his "vacation"? But knowing Anderson, I think he really doesn't consider it work. It makes him feel better doing something good rather than being idle and resting somewhere. As we all know, he hates vacations.


anne carter said...

HI Mio,
Hope your dad has a great birthday,and you have a great time on your camping trip,too!
Well,of course Anderson was not on an actual holiday-I just wish he would take a little bit of time to rest and relax.I am looking forward to seeing his Niger reports-he did such a good job there a couple of years back.

mio_bella said...

You brother has already turned 30. I wish he will have a brilliant year. Please say hi to him!

I'm back from a country side and I'll post a lot of unique pictures here!

My father and his mother (my grandma) really had a ball! In Canada, can you see CBS 60 minutes? You are lucky!