Wednesday, August 01, 2007

This Is What I Like To Do!

I've been pretty busy and I haven't been enthusiastically watching AC360 nor blogging about the show. I had some time to spend on them, and I felt like... THIS IS WHAT I LIKE TO DO!
Hi, Anderson! Long time No see! (As I wrote, I failed to record previous night's show.) Black jacket and blue tie? I try to say this every time. THIS COMBINATION DOESN'T WORK! Why don't you chose light blue shirt or navy jacket when you wear this tie?
Yay! Anderstumble at the very beginning!

Education or brainwashing? This is such a bizarre story. I fail to understand why this thing is happening in this modern society? How could have been possible to shut out magazines and all the info outside this church?

Religion must be a tool to promote good behaviors and the way to lead happy lives. If anyone in the group is unhappy, what they believe might be wrong. But how can you tell "common sense?" Their common sense may be a far cry from ours.

This is Anderson Cooper 360!

Anderson Cooper 180?

Don't get happy about the price! This will directly affect us! Today, gas price was raised by 5 yen to 153 yen, which is equivalent of $1.53, per litter in my area, or the gas station I go. I drive a oil consuming German car and now I hate to use my car! O commute by bike and I start to turn to my bike to go shopping. In a way, raising oil price might be good for environment.

iTunes has sold 1billion songs in only 6 months! That's incredible! As for me, I was solely interested in AC360 podcasting, but I began buying songs via iTunes, and I find it so convenient and I really like it.

Sun is setting.

Now they are recording AC360 for only 1 hour, we cannot see Anderson in the dark.

More Anderson Pictures

Wasn't he extra-hot last night? Is that simply because I missed him the previous night and I had been suffering from severe Anderdrought? Those wrinkles on his forehead make him even attractive.

This is where Anderson stands every night and now he is on screen! This happens almost always when he is live outside the studio. I like this image.

Now, I found something strange. Cheek shadows and nose shadows are too much!


Délie said...

Hi Mio,

Thanks so much for the updates and the screencaps! It was my turn to have a technical problem yesterday! I didn't get the record of AC360! I watched the podcast...

Merci beaucoup, Mio!

Soupy Twist said...

You are right, Mio. The tie doesn't work with a black suit. He still looks good though! Absolutely lovely screencaps.

I wonder if he's going to be back in New York today. Does anyone know? I can't wait to see him on Jay Leno tonight!

mio_bella said...

Isn't this technical problem really frustrating!? There weren't any precious moment these days, so we can just turn to podcast. NO! I heard there was a precious moment on Tuesday! Pati's comment was read again! I terribly missed that. It seems comments from some of Anderfans have been read more than once. I have to try again and again!

Did you see Jay Leno show tonight? How was it? Oh, I've gotta go to FreakSpeaker to see if she posted the segment! I think I can rely on FS every time Anderson appears on other TV shows!

ME Ellee said...

Darling little furrows across the brow. They deserve teeny, tiny little kisses. Now that's one intelligent comment! *Teheehee*

Sheesh! I embarrass myself! Oh well, such is an Andercrazed person---that's moi.

mio_bella said...

moi? or mio!