Saturday, August 11, 2007

A sip of Anderson

A lot of women on the show!


I've always wanted her to host this show. To me, she is the perfect woman. She is so successful with her career while raising a lot of children.


Soledad & Erica,

And this cat woman!

So many cats! How can she cope with their pee and poo?

They were planning on airing a special by Tom Foreman, weren't they? Sorry for Tom, but I appreciate their decision to change their plan!

During the 1-hour special, Anderson was narrating most of the time. I screamed when I just heard Anderson's voice! I think I have seen this program but I kept an eye on the screen so that I wouldn't miss any Andermoment. It takes more than 10 minutes until Anderson first appeared! And he went out of the screen in about 10 seconds.

How terribly we are missing you, Anderson!

Only a little bit, but it was like I could have a sip of water during a dry spell.

And 20 minutes later...

Anderson again!
This time, only a few seconds. But this is enough to make me excited!


Anonymous said...

It's so funny how we Anderfans are. We are all on the same boat. When the Sago special started, I heard the familiar voice and knew right away it was Anderson. I know his voice anywhere and I got so excited. I was hoping he'd do some narrating on camera, but unfortunately there was none. Your analogy of Anderson's appearance on screen is right on. I agree it's like sipping water during a drought. It's a good thing you captured the few Andermoments of the special. Thanks!


mio_bella said...

Actually when I was watching the live show (not live anyway), I couldn't pay attention to it and couldn't find the Andermoment. When I came back from work and checked the program again, I caught precious Andermoments! Maybe less than a minute in all!?

Pati Mc said...

Hi Mio!

Thanks for posting these caps of Anderson's SIU Sago Mine Special - I have not seen it yet, will have to watch it tonight. It looks very good.

I cannot wait to hear his voice either! I have missed him so much this week. Fortunately I have been so busy that it has made it a little easier, but I will be happy to watch the cpecial on CNN tonight. I wanted to see it last night, but I went to a party instead and did not make it home in time. Sometimes I am happy that CNN repeats their shows. =)

Hope you are having a great weekend. Wish I could attend your Anderevent, that would be a really fun and rally BIG trip! Hopefully someday I will be able to attend.

What a great thing that you posted in Japanese. I wish I could understand it, but just to see the beautiful characters is wonderful.

anne carter said...

Hi Mio,
Your Ander addiction party sounds like a great idea-and so much fun!!
Wish we could all be there with you,please post some pics or a video for us when it happens!
Hope our Andy is back on Monday-miss him so much!!

mio_bella said...

You are one of the teammates who have been busy enough to be able to survive Anderdrought this time. Finally I have several days off from work! I hope Anderson will come back tomorrow. I am ready to Anderblog for tomorrow's show!

How are you doing? I guess you could survive this Anderdrought too. One more day to go without our Andy. We really miss him. Rather, we really NEED him back!