Sunday, August 05, 2007

Peace Day

In the previous comments, I said that Anderson looked pale on the Friday show. Is it only on my screen?


It's August 6th already here in Japan, and on this day at 8:15am 62 years ago, A-bomb was dropped in Hiroshima. Still there are many people who are suffering from adverse effects by the atomic bomb. More than 250,000 people have died because of this so far. Many people gathered together in Hiroshima for peace memorial ceremony. Students go to school to learn about the War and peace. No matter where we are, we hear a sound of siren at 8:15am so that we can pray for victims and for peace. This is how we spend this day.

Many countries are eager to possess nuclear weapons, mostly as deterrence, but from Japanese point of view, they are too optimistic.


Another Japanese news here; cabinet approval rating declined from 30% to 22% (or 24%, the rating differs slightly according as who did the research)! How silly for us to let them lead the country!


Soupy Twist said...
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Soupy Twist said...

(I wish we could edit our comments instead of having to delete them and then repost it with the edits! Grrrr!)

He does look paler in the first cap. Maybe it's because of the lighting differences between the studio and the floor lights they were using in Minneapolis.

Ah yes, it is Peace Day (well the sixth is tomorrow for us). Normally I read "Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes," cry a little, and then make paper cranes,making a wish on each completed crane for peace in the world. This has been my routine since I was eight years old.

We don't need more nukes in the world. What we need is people to come together and accept each other as people despite our differences. Sometimes I think this is too much to ask for, but it isn't. I don't think enough people are asking for unity and peace.

Jan said...

Being an American, I really don't know what to say, except I am so sorry that after all these years there are problems for the Japanese after what we Americans did.

lj said...

He probably wasn't laden with TV makeup. He is very, very fair complected and they generally load too much on him, for my preference. I think he looks nuch better with less makeup. They load it on too heavy. You can tell how fair he is compared to the junk they put on him by looking at his hands when he is in the studio. He looks much younger with less makeup.

mio_bella said...

ST & jan,
I was watching a TV news yesterday and heard about a social studies class in the States. I didn't really watch the whole segment but only a part where the American teacher is telling his students that their decision to drop A-bomb was right. Because of that, we could end the war immediately. In your point of view, it might be true. You didn't lose as many lives as anticipated if they prolonged the war. I want to believe that all of you are learning that way. Even though they want to stop the war at once, they will never drop an atomic bomb anywhere again.

I read about Sadako's papercranes story on a newspaper yesterday. Actually, I have never read this until then. I'm glad you are learning how vehemently Japanese people pray for World Peace.

On this day, it is no wonder you should feel sorry for what American people did to Japanese people. Now there are few people who have strong hostile feeling about you.
What I cannot understand is some Asian countries still asking for compensation and apology for what Japanese people did during World War 2. We made an apology many times, but they keep on asking forever. Nobody can erase any incident in the history, but we have to overcome them and learn from history how to avoid conflicts from now on.

Isn't this your first time to leave a comment here? WELCOME! I'm so glad you pitched in!

I love Anderson with less makeup, too. But after seeing non-makeup Anderson for a long time, Anderson in the studio looks brilliant! I appreciate a good balance between narutal Andy and gorgesous Anderson.:)

Deanna said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile but never commented...but i love it!

Im not American but I go to school in America and I follow politics closely....if it makes you feel any better...the approval rating for the president is 26% and congress is at's alot worse here! The people just can't help the fact that these political figures break their promises after they're elected. =(

mio_bella said...


Thank you so much for your nice message. I hope you come back frequently :) Where are you from? I have been living in Japan all through my life and I am not 100% confident in English. Are you a non-native English speaker too?

Congress approval rate is only 14%!? That amazes me! America's decisions and leadership may affect the rest of the countris worldwide and they are not supported enough. This is kind of a scary thought!