Monday, August 13, 2007

Mentally Insane!

Due to a critical Anderdeficiency, I have been on the verge of breakdown.

21:44 - I started yelling his name again and again.

21:45 - When Larry said "Anderson's back," my heart started beating so fast.

21:45 - Finally I saw Anderson!!!

I've been craving for you, Anderson!

I cried and screamed enough already!


Jan said...

Boy Mio that was fast.

So is his makeup on to heavy or does he look like he has a tan>

anne carter said...

HI Mio,
I shouted out too-''he's back!"(and woke my sister up!).I missed him so much!I have to admit I really don't know what he said for about the first half hour though,because I was too busy staring!
You can play the piano so beautifully Mio,I wish I could play even one note-but know nothing about music!
Have you heard from any of your friends about your Ander party yet?
Would love to attend!!!
I love your pics of the week!

mio_bella said...


I thought about the same thing! He does have a tan. I heard someone say he might have gone to Fiji for his vacation. No matter where he has been, I hope he had a good time.

As I wrote for the next blog, I knew I wouldn't be able to watch the show and post one for the show, I did this very quick! Fortunately, I came back home pretty early to watch and blog about the show. I'll leaving home again soon!

Me, neither! I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying for the entire show! It's a nice thing they repeat the first hour. It is not until the second hour starts that I can "hear" what Anderson is talking about. Especially, as I am not an English speaker, I sometimes have a hard time understand the content anyway.

As for the party, I have been planning to meet some Japanese Anderfans. I was just wondering if there are some other Anderfans in Japan. Actually, I posted the same comment on a huge Anderfan community in Japan. They have more than 200 members but I'm afraid nobody even read the topic. They are not Anderfans. They just KNOW Anderson Cooper.

You are from Canada, right? I haven't had a chance to go to Canada but I want to go there someday. I'd love to visit you when I go there! Let's have AnderAddiction party some day! Sounds so exciting!

Délie said...

An AnderAddiction party in Canada? Could I join you? I looooove Canada :-)!

Pati Mc said...

Count me in for Canada too. I was only there once when I was too small to remember.

That is closer for me than Japan. Wow, Anderson has no idea what he has begun here! LOL =)

I heard that he was in Niger for 60 Minutes and that it will air this fall. I cannot wait. There is just something about Anderson in Africa. You can just tell that it is his heart. What a great guy!

mio_bella said...

Wow! Anne from Canada, Delie from France, Pati from America and I from Japan! All four of us will join the party from around the world! What an exciting idea!

mio_bella said...

I forgot to write about Anderson having been in Niger. I cannot wait to see! However, I have no access to CBS. Maybe 360 will air the segment for international viewers! Or we can turn to CBS video.