Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hello Kitty

Strangely, I didn't expect Anderson to appear on the show and he didn't. I have to make this very clearly that I never like Anderless AC360 but I've been busy and I don't have enough time to watch & blog about the show these days. Sorry in advance if this offends you, but I'm glad Anderson is taking off from work! He does needs to recharge his battery. However I have a hunch that he might have left for Carteret islands. Sanjay has been there for a week hasn't he? But there hasn't been any report on the show. Maybe they might be waiting for Anderson!
One silly news about Hello Kitty
Wearing Hello Kitty wristband is embarrassing for a police officer? That's so funny! I am teaching Enlish to kids, as most of you know. I came up with this idea! When a student speak Japanese in my class, I'll put Kitty sticker to his/her face! Isn't it embarrassing? Or kids might speak Japanese even more to get Kitty sticker!?

I'd known Hello Kitty is very popular not only in Japan and other countries as well. But it was not until I went to NY a few months ago that I realized how popular this kitten is. I even saw her in the UN! Kitty in UN Tshirt! I'm sorry I didn't buy a stuffed animal there.

I've been a big Kitty fan and I'll tell you the reason why people are attracted by this character. This cat doesn't have a mouth and thus she doesn't have any emotions. But her facial expression differs accodring as how you are feeling. If you are happy, the kitty seems smiling to you. If you are sad, she seems crying with you. This is how I see this character.

I hate to post an article without any Anderpic. What shall I do?

Did you like this?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "blast from the past" Mole picture! He was so thin back then and wore clothes he'd never wear now !

mio_bella said...

I'm glad you like it! Now I think I know how to satisfy Andercrazy people during Anderholidays!

Délie said...

One more time, Anderson is on vacation when I am on vacation too, without CNN! We are perfectly synchronized! Merci Anderson :-)!

I was fan of Hello Kitty as kid but no more now. It's very popular in France and I know a woman who still buy lots of things with Hello Kitty, for her kids, for her. It's almost a Hello Kitty house.

Thans for The Mole picture, Mio!

beaslma said...

I’m betting he was on his way to Utah, but since JR never said that (not that i heard anyway) maybe not. I can't imagine they would throw john in the seat knowing that he had to get up at the crack of dawn to do AM with Kiren, unless there were no other backups. My theory is that he was heading to Utah and they didn’t get there in time to set up.

I however agree with Mio that the boy needs some time off and I’m not talking about only doing an hour every night which I’m thrilled they are doing. Would I much rather see some “specials” sure, but there’s time for that later. We all know that no matter what…wherever he is he isn’t kicked back with a bear playing with Molly…he’s working on something.

beaslma said...

um.....yeah......that should have been "beer" not "bear" :-) I'm thinking Molly wouldn’t like that.

Jan said...

Mio-Any picture of Anderson is great no matter what.

I think we all will catch up on our sleep this week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Anderpic. We all need that during an Anderdrought. You know we all hate it when he goes on vacation, but I think Anderson really needs some rest. But then, I wouldn't be surprised if one of these days we get some news that he's been working again or shooting footage again somewhere during his time off from 360.


anne carter said...

I have the feeling that our Mr Cooper is on a working vacation somewhere-maybe doing a 60 minutes story?I just wish they would say on the show!
Thanks for the Mole pic,Mio-I think the Hello Kitty one is cute too!

mio_bella said...

You are lucky! You won't miss much of Anderson during your Anderless nights. As for me, I am pretty busy these days and I can do without him. Even so, I never fail to scream every day, watching podcasts!

I'm also wondering how JR is managing his time. Is CNN making their staff work too much?

That's a good idea. Both Anderson and Anderfan need some good nights' rest.

We can hardly survive Ander-dehydration. But we all know how refreshed and excited we feel after he appeared for the first time in a long time. And he always does a briiliant job. Let's become patient for a while.

I think he wouldn't just take off from work. To Anderson, working outside the studio must be his way to have a kind of fun.
You have been pretty busy, right? Everybody can take some time to rest during Anderless weekday!