Thursday, August 02, 2007

From Minneapolis

Since Anderson had blogged about tonight's show, you already knew that he is in Minneapolis. And he just appeared from the site.
I'm leaving home for work now and will come back pretty late. I might not update tonight's show, but at least I could steal a moment to capture this.
I'm reluctant to sound crazy in an occasion like this but can I tell you one thing?
UNBUDDON! It looks too tight!


Soupy Twist said...

Indeed, he needs to "unbuddon" his shirt, at least that top button.

Anonymous said...

Is that a new shirt or has he worn that before? Even if it is tight, it still looks good on him!


mio_bella said...

That top buddon tells us how broad his chest is. Hmmm, AnderChest! YUMMY!

Long time no see! I was wondering whether you've left my blog or not. It's nice to see you again! I thought he had worn this shirt before, but many of his shirts are too similar to another one. If I am peppy enough, I will check out all the screencaps that I made and decide whether it's the new one, but not for today. Have you got the answer?

Soupy Twist said...

Of course he could just do away with the shirt all together. Boy, wouldn't that make us so happy?!?!?!

mio_bella said...


anne carter said...

Hi mio,
I hope there was no damage done to you house by the typhoon!
Anderson needs to let a few of those buddons come undone!!LOL
The shirt is a bit tight,but that doesn't really matter does it?He still looks sooo gooood!!LOL

xtina said...

Uh...wouldnt' that be spelled "UNBUDDON"? ;)

mio_bella said...

I just come back home and it's already midnight! I'll be working tomorrow and have to be at office by 7:30am. Hmm, it's better just to turn to podcast instead of 2-hour show. I won't blog about Friday show tonight.

I was starting to miss you, Ann. Thank you for your comments! I'm glad you've always so crazy:)

Thanks for the correction, xtina. I did write "unbuddon" for a reply, but I should correct the word for the main article. You are really proficient in Anderese or Anderish... whichever! All of you understand that language!

Since downloading the podcast will take more than 20 minutes, I started watching Friday's show. Doesn't Anderson look too pale!? Just on my screen?

Délie said...

Hi Mio,
Anderson was not too pale for me. Well, I mean on my screen. :-)!
I think Anderson had to "buddon" his shirt for the microphone...

Good luck for your working week-end!

Jan said...

Hey he could have still had the micropone on the collar and still unbuddon it more. LOL

He did such a good job with both Wednesday and Thursdays show and I was so surprised and happy to see him on last night.

I hope he is getting some rest this weekend.

Mio take care of yourself. You are working much to hard.

mio_bella said...

Thank you for so many comments even though I haven't blogged enough. You all make me peppy!

I could steal a little moment to capture some pale Anderpics. I thought so because he seemed to have got a tan when he went to Minneapolis the other day and he looked darker. Anyway, he looks ultra-sexy all the time. ;)

I'm glad you wrote! I never expected his too-tight shirt would make everybody this excited. I should know every single Andermoment will make everybody scream!