Monday, August 20, 2007

Christiane Amanpour

I like her a lot. She is strong, powerful, intelligent.

With her, even Anderson looks like a cub.


Délie said...

I like her very much and I will record the God's Warriors series! The first one will be aired tomorrow evening (for me) on CNN Int.

Soupy Twist said...

I admire Christiane Amanpour a lot. Because of her and a few other reporters, I decided to become a broadcast journalist. I hope to be at least half as accomplished as her.

mio_bella said...

I really want to record her series but my hard disc is so full! It doesn't let me record 2-hour AC360 these days. I just don't have enough time to select nice segments and burn them to DVD.

So your dream is becoming a journalist! How exciting! I hope you'll succeed Chiristiane Amanpour when she retires:)