Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Bunny Has Come!

I should be working this hour, but due to a strong typhoon, afternoon classes were canceled. I came home 5 hours earlier than usual! Yay!

Wait a minute, is this what I can be happy about? As long as it doesn't have any bad effects on me, I'm happy. (Sounds sooooo stupid.)

Then something did happen just now! My father had tied the garage roof with the rope. Mmm, I'm finding it difficult to describe what I want to say. I'll take a pic from my room. That's so easy.

And the strong wind tore the rope! The roof was swinging and was about to be brown off! I went outside in this heavy rain & wind and clung to the rope! I found it really hard to tie the rope again. While I was struggling with it, a neighbor came to help me. Thank you, sir. (He came with his underwear, though!)

Doesn't it sound I was having a terrible time? Not at all. I might be blown away at any moment, but I had a ball! I was laughing and screaming all the time. I was enjoying this unusual situation. Yes, again, I was really stupid.

The Bunny is really big concern for me and I almost forgot about writing about Anderson today!

No sooner had I came back home than I turn on TV. I couldn't believe my ear and my eye! Anderson was still on! The show must have ended a half an hour ago. I couldn't help screaming for a few seconds. Again, I was really stupid to get excited about extra 1 hour Anderson. Yeah, human being is a really optimistic creature.

It must be a hard job to tell a painful news for 3 hours. He looked like this most of the time, didn't he?

At the end of the talk with a survivor's mom, Anderson looked brilliant. "Stay strong." He often says to this to people suffering from mental devastation. You can tell from his eyes that he is sincere and the words are from the bottom of his heart.

And how can I miss this cute Anderson?

I guess you have already checked this out. I didn't mention this, but you sure enjoyed Anderson wearing that yummy polo!


beaslma said...

hey mio....when something like the bridge collapse happens here does a station cut in for CNN over there? (forgive me if i'm retarded). I mean i would imainge the Typhoon was a big deal for you guys, and much higer on the scale than a major bridge collapse in the states.

How does that work, or did it effect any of the coverage you saw?

mio_bella said...

Hey beaslma,
Actually, I don't know how much this accident was reported here in Japan. I was working when the bridge collapsed. When I came back home, I spent most of my time watching CNN or typhoon news. That bunny directly affected our area, and one of our local TV program was devoted to it. I was constantly watching either typhoon news or real typhoon outside.