Saturday, August 18, 2007

August 17

I am really busy. The first thing that I did when I came back home after 14 hours of work, I checked Friday's show. Well, I came back home about an hour ago, and I'll leaving 7 hours later. This is so insane!

Wasn't Larry the only person that could make Anderson smile?

I don't have energy to concentrate on the show and blog about the show. Just seeing Anderson makes me soothed. I reappy appreciate tonight's show. Anderson was sitting all the time and I saw his beautiful face all the time.


Soupy Twist said...

14 hours of work? Wow, you sure are busy!

I think I like the lighting they used this time. He looks a little tanner from it and you could focus more on his eyes. They sure are a lovely hue of blue.

anne carter said...

Wow,Mio,you are a real busy lady-how do you do it?
I agree with what soupy twist said,and Anderson did not seem to have too much makeup on-and those eyes did look extra beautiful!
According the the ATA site,Anderson was in NOLA on Friday-so it must be the CNN studios there that has the different look and lighting.

mio_bella said...

Anderson looked so sexy on Friday. As an international viewer, I am not paying attention to Utah mining acciedent. I enjoyed seeing Anderson and I loved that! Too bad podcast didn't include so much beautiful Anderson.

Thanks for the information! I haven't checked out ATA and I just visited that place! His usual Abercrombie looks even filthier and I love that!
Larry King did say Anderson would be in NYC but apparently, he wasn't from NY, which we found a kind of odd.

Jan said...

I guess we won't every believe Larry King again. ha ha

Yes that shirt sure needed to be ironed that is for sure.

Mio-you need to not work so hard. Are you working 7 days a week now?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you caught the teaser in Larry King. It was so funny, Larry was supposed to say Star Jones is our guest here and he was about to introduce AC's teaser - he mistakenly said Anderson is his guest. AC commented. "We're often mistaken for each other(Star Jones), it's OK Larry." LOL! It made everyone laugh. Anderson really has a good sense of humor.


mio_bella said...

I am working 11 days in a row! But after this session, I have 10 days off! Now I am at office and I have an hour break. I have 4 more classes to go.

I didn't catch that moment! Did it happen during the preview of AC360? 15 minutes before the show starts? I wish somebody had posted the movie somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Yup, it was around that time when Larry introduces Anderson and he gives a brief description of what's coming up on AC 360.


mio_bella said...

Thanks for the info, Pebbles. I should have recorded that moment...