Friday, August 17, 2007

August 16

Well, as I wrote on the previous post, I am pretty busy these days . I'm working from 8:00 to 22:00 for 10days! (Once in every three days, I can leave school at about 18:00 though.) Actually, that Utah tragedy does not interest me (Sorry if this remark sounds so blunt to people whose friends or relatives might be involved in this acciedent.) All I do is posting some Anderpics


Délie said...

Thanks for the caps!

Anderson did a great job with this coverage. His journalism ethics was really appreciated!

mio_bella said...

Yeah, I totally agree! He really cares about the feelings of victim's family. I should have mentioned this thing on the blog! Thank you for reminding me that.

Jan said...

Mio--It is okay that you are not interested in the Utah mine coverage. It is not happening in your country, so it feels very far off from you. I am sure when things happen in other parts of the world, we Americans don't always get into those tragedies.

Délie said...

On CNN Int., they are more focused on the Peru's Earthquake. French TV news channels are on the earthquake and Dean & Erin Hurricanes... Almost any word about the Utah mine tragedy.

mio_bella said...

Thank you for nice word for my stupid take on the issue. I know that is a really big issue for American people, but not for me.

As I am working for so many hours, I have no time to watch TV. I could steal one hour to check AC360. I heard Peru Earthquake could cause Tsunami in Hawaii. But I just read that it could cause Tsunami all the way to Japan and many peole are warned to get prepared.

Anonymous said...

I was just scanning thru TVNewser website and read that Ac360 has been no. 1 on the ratings for two consecutive nights because of the breaking news. Anderson did a wonderful job, he really is at his best when something happens and he even made a good judgement call, when he refused to mention the name of one of the injured miners without the assurance that it was officially released. I've only seen positive reviews of Anderson's coverage of the Utah miners. You know, it just goes to show that when something significant or when breaking news is happening - people turn to CNN.