Thursday, August 09, 2007

Anderless AC360

John must anderstand. Is this director's instruction? Seeing him anderstand, we can tell how stylish Anderson is!

Living in the Eastern part of the world, I take Chinese herbal medicine for granted. I never be skeptical about them. It was not until Sanjay pointed out that they add a lot of animal parts in them. There are some medicines believed to cure us of from pimples to cancer and some people might need them. But are they killing animals just for medicines? That's a scary thought. So gross!

I know none of us was attracted by JR or SG. We need AC!


anne carter said...

HI Mio,
This has really been a long week without our Andy,and thanks so much for posting a pic-I wonder when he'll be back?Monday I hope!
I love the pic of the week!

Jan said...

Mio-Thanks for the Anderson picture. For some reason John Roberts standing with his leg on the step doesn't do it for me like when Anderson does!

Pati Mc said...

Man, I was good all week, but now that it is Friday, I have to say...I MISS HIM TOO!

Oh well, at least we can watch Anderson's SIU Sago Mine show Saturday and Sunday evenings. Better than nothing, I am thinking.

Like John Roberts, but he is not Anderson and he looks silly when he stands there at the steps in Anderson's pose. Just MHO.

Have a good weekend girls and hope that Anderson returns on Monday. =)

Cute picture Mio - thanks!

Soupy Twist said...

I miss Anderson so badly. I've been barely getting by this week. I've been downloading season 2 of the Mole (can't wait until I get to the "funhouse" episode), so I get to see his younger self, but I miss him on AC360. Normally I'd say, "He should take some time off." Now I'm saying "He needs to come back." I feel selfish!

Anonymous said...

We all feel the same way. WE all want Anderson to rest, but then, we also want him to be back as soon as possible. It really is hard with Anderwithdrawals. I desperately miss him too. It's so funny how Anderson affects us all. If he only knew.


anne carter said...

Soupy Twist-I recently downloaded all episodes of the MOLE 2,and am delighted to have them on cd now-I think you'll enjoy the 'drinking wine' challenge one too!I love the 'funhouse'one!

mio_bella said...

Ugh,I have been pretty busy and haven't replied to you all for a long time. It seems I am the only one that appreciates Anderwithdrawal.

We have two more days to go without live Andy. But I heard you can see a rerun of "Stop Snitching." It's so different from Live Andy, but better than no Andy.

Pati & jan,
Yeah, JR looks silly with his leg on the step! Silly...Hmm, perfect description for that pose. That's not for JR, as you said.

ST & anne,
I've always wanted to see the Mole Season 2. I already added many episodes to my YouTube favorite lists, but I haven't even started to watch it. This time, I won't go to Wikipedia! (Last time, I wanted to know when the program was broadcasted and I read who the mole is!)

You took words from my mouth! No matter where you live, we do share the same feeling. But again, as for me, I can put up with Anderwithdrawal this time. I have been just too busy!