Thursday, August 30, 2007

2nd Anniversary of Katrina

As a Japanese, I find the word "anniversary" interesting. We almost always use this word for something good, commemorating special occasions. (The word "commemorate" is also the one that can be used in sad situation, isn't it? Hmm, learning foreign languages is tough!)

All these young volunteers are so cheerful. Everyone believes that they will be able to bring the city back to the state as it used to be. According to the poll I saw last night, I remember more than 40 percent of people think it will never be restored to its former state. They should never give up rebuilding the city as so many people were waiting. (Still, it seems to me something that's happening on the opposite of the world!)

Anderson was so passionate all through the show, which made him even more attractive. How silly of me to be infatuated with him on an occasion like this! But I guess everyone here was!

Apparently, this was taped last weekend as his hair is so long! When his hair is long, I was saying, "He should have his hair cut," and when I see him with long hair now, it looks totally OK.
Shoo, Fly! Don't bother Anderson!

During the show, I saw a lot of bugs flying around the camera and finally, one big black bug landed on Anderson's beautiful face!
I don't remember when one of the female interviewee mentioned "bugs flying in your face." Wasn't it before this happened?

I really like the ending of tonight's show, narrating what he had written for 360 blog. As always, his writing is brilliant. It is full of emotions, empathy, frustration and strong determination. It does touch people's heart.

Also I liked how Anderson interacted with these young volunteers at the end.

More Anderpics?

Of course!


I'm leaving for Tokyo tomorrow morning and will not be able to update this blog until Monday. Have a very good weekend and see you next week!


Délie said...

I enjoyed the show yesterday. It was interesting but, of course, I'd have liked two live hours, without repeat.
New Orleans is definitely a town I want to visit one day. I DO have to go there at least once.

Thanks for the screencaps, Mio! I wish you an excellent week-end in Tokyo.

Jan said...

Mio-great caps as usual and the show was great.

Looks like you picked a good time to be off, as Anderson was off last night and tonight their will be a special "Anival of God" I don't we will see that great looking gray haired man till next Tuesday, with Monday being a holiday here in the United States.

All have a good weekend.

anne carter said...

Thanks for the great screencaps Mio,and hope you have a great weekend!

Soupy Twist said...

These are great screencaps, Mio. I also noticed all of the bugs flying around the cameras. I wish it was a full two hour show instead of a repeat of the first hour. I really thought it was going to live for the entire two hours.

Normally I say commemoration instead of anniversary. I always had a problem when people say it's the anniversary of an event like a death or a disaster. Really, "commemoration" is the better term for this because it's preserving the memory of the event and not really a celebration of Katrina and Rita. "Anniversary" although similar because it's an observance of an event connotes more towards a celebration.

Anonymous said...

I just read that AC 360 will be back to 2 hours after Labor day. Glad to know that, I'm getting tired of their replays.


mio_bella said...

Thank you for all of your comments during my absence!

I was startled when they were starting to end the show at the end of the first hour. I thought Anderson had been so much devoted himself to covering the stories there. However, that intense one-hour show was perfect.

I was so happy Anderson was also off during my absence. Is he still taking time off tomorrow too?

I did have a nice weekend. Actually at our AnderCelebration, we talked about you a little bit. There were some Japanese people who would like to visit Canada to have AnderAddiction Party with you! I hope this would be realized!

Thank you so much for teaching me how to use these English words. Your explanation sounds perfect to me, as I have the same feeling toward the word "anniversary."

Thanks for the tip! I already copied your comment on the following article!