Thursday, August 30, 2007

2nd Anniversary of Katrina

As a Japanese, I find the word "anniversary" interesting. We almost always use this word for something good, commemorating special occasions. (The word "commemorate" is also the one that can be used in sad situation, isn't it? Hmm, learning foreign languages is tough!)

All these young volunteers are so cheerful. Everyone believes that they will be able to bring the city back to the state as it used to be. According to the poll I saw last night, I remember more than 40 percent of people think it will never be restored to its former state. They should never give up rebuilding the city as so many people were waiting. (Still, it seems to me something that's happening on the opposite of the world!)

Anderson was so passionate all through the show, which made him even more attractive. How silly of me to be infatuated with him on an occasion like this! But I guess everyone here was!

Apparently, this was taped last weekend as his hair is so long! When his hair is long, I was saying, "He should have his hair cut," and when I see him with long hair now, it looks totally OK.
Shoo, Fly! Don't bother Anderson!

During the show, I saw a lot of bugs flying around the camera and finally, one big black bug landed on Anderson's beautiful face!
I don't remember when one of the female interviewee mentioned "bugs flying in your face." Wasn't it before this happened?

I really like the ending of tonight's show, narrating what he had written for 360 blog. As always, his writing is brilliant. It is full of emotions, empathy, frustration and strong determination. It does touch people's heart.

Also I liked how Anderson interacted with these young volunteers at the end.

More Anderpics?

Of course!


I'm leaving for Tokyo tomorrow morning and will not be able to update this blog until Monday. Have a very good weekend and see you next week!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I just cannot wait!

How should I wait for another 10 minutes before I caught a glimpse of our Andy? Of course, I can post pictures here!

Planet in Peril

Images from Planet Peril Website;

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Finally I posted more pics for 8/24 post

I wrote a few days ago, when Anderson appeared with his hair cut, that I would be posting more pictures later, and I just added some more pics for August 24th post. As we are having Anderless weekend and weekdays, you might want to see more yummy pictures.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Anderless AC360 Coming nextweek

Broadcasting and Cable says;

Last year on the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, many network and cable news divisions sent their stars down to New Orleans.

This year, only NBC's Brian Williams and CNN's Anderson Cooper will be in the region live. Williams—who has made Katrina an NBC Nightly News priority—will anchor Nightly Aug. 28 from Waveland, Miss., and Aug. 29 from New Orleans.

CNN's Cooper, who achieved notoriety with his impassioned coverage from New Orleans, will anchor Anderson Cooper 360 live from New Orleans Aug. 29.

Soledad O'Brien is slated to anchor Anderson Cooper 360 live from New Orleans Aug 27-28. Three other CNN reporters will be on the scene.

It's Sunday 7:00 and I'm leaving for work soon! YIKES!

Keeping Them Honest

Was this a new one? Being a Japanese, I'm not really paying attention to Keeping Them Honest specials so far. There have been a few of this specials but I don't think I'd seen segments of alternative energy and waking up during a surgery.

At the beginning, he showed us a smiling face. Looks pretty strange to me.

He soon became so serious and I like this much better especially when he is talking something serious.

Apparently, this special was not recorded in NY studio as we saw an empty studio several times. I'd say LA. He can never stands up when he is reporting from there. (Or NOLA? But if so, the light might be darker.)
And when was this filmed? I'd say Thursday, when Anderson was off. He hasn't worn this tie with this light blue shirt for months. I actually checked my blog and gave up after I finish reading August ~ March.
I don't want to be inquisitive, but this is what I was thinking while I was wearing Friday's special. (I sounds so stupid!)
August 23

August 15

His ties is "slightly" different from the one he was wearing for Friday's show. Also his hair is longer than now.

P.S. Thank you for all of your comments and email messages. Sorry I haven't had enough time to reply to them all. (But I updated this blog so that everyone can know I am OK.) Anyway, I'll definitely write you back soon!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Finally AnderHaircut!

Did you notivec CNN logo became shinier and the sound effect changed a little bit.

Just like everyone else here, I was so infatuated! I got a bunch of Anderpics but I was just too busy and I haven't had enough to time to blog about it. At least, I added one of them. I'll post more pictures later!


I'll post more Anderpics!

And here's a great collection of Anderson from Delie! Thanks a lot!