Sunday, July 22, 2007

YouTube Debates

Some of us are not American citizens and not so much interested in the election itself. But we share one thing in common. Our Addiction to Andy! We all will watch YouTube debates on Monday!

I don't think you need links from this blog as you may have already checked them out on YouTube, but just for your information. Previous YouTube videos;

Just Cannot Resist

New Words


Soupy Twist said...

Out of the three YouTube debate promotional videos that he made for YouTube, I like this one the best because you get to see his office. I like the Other one where he doesn't have on make up too because...well he doesn't have on makeup and he still looks hot.

Délie said...

I will try to watch live this debate and the following shows (Wolf and AC 360). It means I have to stay awake from 1 am to 6 am... And sleeping two hours before leaving for work!
I really want to see how they will show the Youtube videos, how it will work out.

Anonymous said...


Dodo,metro,boulot et maintenant,Anderso(n)?!

Anonymous said...

Oops,Delie,that was me,Chelo!Been having problems posting so there went my translation.

So here goes the French saying:sleep,the underground,work and now,Anderso(n)?:))

Thanks for your kind comments on my French but my French 's real poor.The nice French intern at church brought along his cousin who had been learning English for ELEVEN years but doesn't really speak that much.Maybe we should send him to Mio?


Délie said...

@ Chelo,
Oh, incroyable! How do you know that French saying "Dodo, metro, boulot"? Actually, for me, it's more sleeping, walking and working. I don't have to take the subway to go to the office. I have to walk 20 minutes in nice streets to reach my work place. And I love walking!!! A few years ago, I lived much far away from my office. I had to take a bus, then a train, then the subway and at last, another bus. It lasted 1h45 each morning and each evening!

And I'm sure Mio is a great teacher and could have helped the intern's cousin. By the way, I'd like to be a student in Mio's class. :-)!
Mio, what I have to do for that? Where is the subscription form? Am I too old? :-)!

mio_bella said...

I do love all the YouTube videos with Anderson Cooper. (Not only YouTube Videos but ALL the videos from all sources!!) But as you said, I both love the previous one and this new one. AC in the new video looks even more attractive after we enjoyed Anderson without makeup!

Wow!! You are watching the overwhelming programs for 5 hours! As for me, I have a day off! Horrah! For the first time in a month! YouTube debates starts at 8:00am, so I don't have any problem with my sleeping.

Wow! You remember that I am an English teacher! I'm not sure if I will make a good English teacher up there. I'm just a stupid girl; learning and teaching at a tiny city where nobody needs English!

Delie 2,
No kidding! You are much more proficient in English than I am! YOU teach me, instead ;) But you enjoy my classes from time to time, when I use Anderson's reports as teaching materials! All I do during my class is... fall into raptures with Anderson on a huge screen!

Anonymous said...

@Mio:it is in precisely SMALL TOWNS where foreign language teachers are needed even more!Fear not,you are doing something important.Just keep in mind that grammar is NOT EVERYTHING,being ABLE to speak is more essential(if one had to choose one over the other!).

@Delie:I think I read it somewhere.I hr 45 min is horrible.But Paris is a joy to walk round in.My maiden visit to your country was in May last year but only for 5nites.I felt quite at home,much more so than here in Vienne(Autriche!).The French are much friendlier than the people here.

You are never too old to learn a language,though it does get harder.I was a bit ashamed at my lack of progress,esp as my 68-year-old coursemate was not bad and promptly took off to the Dordogne(I think) for three weeks of practice-and food..(blushes)


Délie said...

YOU, stop kidding! Me, teaching you you English? Miss, you need to sleep more! Did I miss something? I dream speaking English like you!!!

@ Chelo,
Thanks for saying we are friendly in France. But I think we could be more polite and friendly with tourists in Paris!
Vienna is a very nice town but Austrian are maybe a little too "cold" for me. Sorry! Did you go to Linz and eat some Sachertorte?
Dordogne is one of my favorite parts of France. I have excellent memories of several summer vacations there. I'd like to buy a house in Sarlat. Nice place and excellent food :-)!

Anonymous said...

Delie:I'll leave a comment on a more recent post.