Monday, July 23, 2007

Yes! He is HOTTY!

As we were talking about the photos on previous article, I could have posted a nicer pic.

But he looks really hot tonight! I couldn't just wait to do this thing. You're seeing a bunch of nice photos after AC360 finishes.


I didn't expect the debate to be this exciting! At first, I was saying that I would watch the show just because I wanted to see Anderson though I am not interested in American politics so much. YouTube has really made a difference. It lets everybody around the world involved in the presidential election.

On top of that, as I told you, I was really fascinated by how brilliant Anderson was. He was so insightful. I can see how hard his brain is working. My boyfriend is a smart person and after a long-hour of "brain-work," he says that his head becomes so hot that it is soaked with sweat. I can see a slight perspiration on his forehead and he might be feeling this way.

Anderson is still on at 9:30 and his show is starting in 20 minutes. He doesn't have enough time to rest!


Délie said...

Only one word, Mio: "Wow"!

More seriously, I enjoy watching live the debate! We should have had this kind of debate in France, a few months ago before the Presidential.

mio_bella said...

It seems that I am not at all paying attention to the show, but I AM. At first I don't think I'll be interested, not being an American citizen. But this opportunity is awesome!
In Japan, it is congressperson that choose our Prime Minister. We don't have any say in choosing one. Seeing candidates interact with citizens, I can sense that you are living in a real democracy.

Délie said...

Only two words now: "Great job"! Anderson was awesome!

3.10 am: My DVR is still running. I'd rather try to sleep a little. Mio, it was cool to chat with you. Have a nice day!

mio_bella said...

Thanks to you, this 2-hour show was even more exciting to me.
I'll write what I've though about "Anderson" soon!

Pati Mc said...

Hey Delie and Mio,

Guess if you girls are smart you are sleeping by now. I have to say that I would not be able to sleep -I am too excited by all of this.

The program was awesome and I think that Anderson did a fantastic job. It is not an easy feat to keep political candidates on track as they all have their own agendas, but I was so proud of Anderson, he did not let them get away with much at all, he was stern when he had to be, but still very respectful. I was quite impressed!

Wolf Blitzer just interviewed Anderson and said what a good job he did as moderator. He agreed that it was not an easy job.

I have to say that I am very pleased with this show and I give a huge amount of credit to CNN for doing this and taking the risk of daring to be different. That is why I love CNN! They have set an enormous precedent with this show and it will be something that will need to continue from this point on. That is a GREAT thing. If our government would listen more to the people, we would not have the problems that we have today (IMHO).

That is my two cents - now back to Anderson. :)

Oh, Anderson looked very nice. I love the blue tie.

mio_bella said...

Have you left your comment on 360? Anderson has already posted a message asking you how the devate was. I really want to leave a comment, but I don't have anything smart enough to post and I don't want to bother them read my stupid comment. I would love to see yours on it!

Jan said...

I think Anderson did a great job and living in the United States, I was really interested in how it would go. I like the way he kept things moving along.

Great picture. I hope for more tomorrow.

Pati Mc said...

Okay Mio,

I posted a ocmment on AC360 - I am sleepy and I need to go to bed but I am all excited by his show. It was so smart and as a US voter, I learned a lot about these candidates that will help me to make an informed decision. Thank you CNN and Anderson.

Hopefully they will post my comment, but I am not certain how smart it was. I am half asleep!

Have a god day Mio! I am soon off to bed. Wow, we will all have sweet dreams of Anderson after this. :)

PS: Nice picture!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of you Anderson did a great job, he made sure the candidates answered the question posed on them and he quickened the pace so it didn't get boring. I loved it when he made smart and witty side comments. I loved his blue tie too. I don't know if you all noticed but after the debate you see the candidates being greeted by photographers and the audience then you could see Anderson at the side of the stage talking to people and giving autographs too. It made me laugh because he IS as popular as the presidential candidates.


Soupy Twist said...

This turned out to be a very good debate format. I think this created a more intimate atmosphere between voters and candidates, and it also produced more real answers (I think that's what I'm trying to say). I think what I'm trying to get at is that the candidates couldn't exactly prep as well as in other debates because they didn't know what to expect so they were more down-to-earth and real with their responses instead of having fabricated replies.

I think Anderson did a great job at moderating the debate. There were a couple of times where I felt he could have put his foot down more with getting the candidates to not dwell off topic and getting them to not talk so much, but there wasn't many times where I felt like that. Other than that, I thought he did a terrific job. (And he was very handsome in his blue tie and suit!)

mio_bella said...

I cannot help envying all the eligible people in the States after the brilliant debate. You must have been keener on the debate than I was.

I saw your comments on the blog! I love your comment. Why Anderson himself is not thinking of running for the presidential election? Yes, he is way too honest! Now, I saw Delie's comment, too. Hmm, I'm starting to feel somewhat obliged to write something for the blog. I don't know they would be interested in it or not.

You are an international viewer as well, so we might have the same feeling about the debate. I was sure Anderson would do a good job, but he was awesome! As you said, his management was excelent. Fast pace, getting them straight on the topic, covering a lot of topics, including a lot of funny moments. Now I love Anderson even more!

You are so lucky you are well informed of the election from the beginning of your voting history. They're going to have the Republican Debate in September, but I'm afraid it won't be this exciting. The reasons are,
1) this was the very first occasion and nobody knew how it would turn out. Everyone was curious. Video creators got really excited. On top of that, Anderson's job was ... out of the world!
2) Republican doesn't have as many superstar candidates as the Democrat.

What do you think?

xtina said...

Mio - Last night, Anderson was like "hall monitor" in school! ;)

"Superstar" is not what we should be looking for in a President; the main job of President is to protect us Americans from enemies.

Soupy Twist said...

I dunno...I think that the Republican debates maybe just as exciting if YouTubers hit them with good questions. Despite the fact that the Republicans know how this sort of debate goes down now, they still don't know what questions are going to come at them. With that, I think it's going to be really interesting. Now I'm tempted to create a few clips in hopes of my questions being answered.

mio_bella said...

Thanks for reminding me how important it is for you to choose which candidate is qualified for the president. To me, it was just exciting and I went too far.

Please create a video clip for the debate! I'd be so glad if I see yours via CNN!