Monday, July 02, 2007

When Car Bomb Explodes...

I admire their effort to conduct this experiment. To see how much damage a car bomb can cause is really shocking and I feel all the more relieved it hadn't explode in the airport.

They can make it for about $100? That's too cheap to claim too many people's lives. I don't think this is the right word to say, but I found it "smart" to attach hundreds of nuts so that they might attack many people around the ground-zero. Those nuts can fly around so far, and the gas tank flew over more than 100 yards away? (I'm not so sure about the figure, I forgot.)How come they want to attack so many innocent people? This makes me really sick.

Who called him during his show? Oh, it was not live and the caller might have had no idea whether he was recording for the show. He really wants to show off his blackberry. How cute!


Anonymous said...

Anderson really likes showing off his new toy. He's been showing it for the past three shows when he's on with Erica. Looks like he's really proud of having his new Blackberry. I too wondered who was calling him, his mom?


anne carter said...

I thought our Andy was supposed to be live from the border Monday night-wonder what happened?
He looks so cute while getting a phone call!I love the blue tie he wore.
Thanks for posting the Mole screencaps,Mio-I love the leather jacket one!

Pati Mc said...

Okay, I admit it - it was me - I called him. LMAO! just kidding!

That was one more totally adorable Anderson moment. I was like, "aw, I bet it was his Mom". My Mom would totally do that to me!

Looks like Anderson went to Texas today - at least that it what the subject matter for tonight is on the website. I thought Anderson was going to London yesterday; guess I assumed wrong when I read his post. *sigh* At least he was safe in NYC.

Looking forward to the show tonight and to LKL - I love Robin Williams. The toss to Anderson could be quite funny if it was not pre-taped.

Have a great day girls :-)

mio_bella said...

His Mom!? You are so funny!

Anderson wrote on his blog about why he had to change the original plan.

Will he show off his phone again tonight!?

I just went back to the show page, but it says they are covering the sroty of that TB guy. They are constantly changing the info on that website.

Delie said...

Hi all,

They sometimes lost me with all the changings. From the border, not from the border, from New York or from London! :-)But that's why News programs are so exciting. We never know!