Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Another Brilliant wallpaper from Delie! Thanks a million!


anne carter said...

I guess Anderson will be covering the explosion tonight on 360.
There is a blog entry from 360 producer Charlie Moore saying they are in China for PIP-but it doesn't say if Anderson is with them.I'd say he's
still in NY.
I could not watch the dog fight nor the surgery segments.
Your dog is so cute,MIO!
I love that wallpaper,and I think you always have great screencaps!

Jan said...

Great Wallpaper. Can someone tell me how you make these with different pcitures? Do you have to have a special program to do it? Thanks

Délie said...

@ Jan: I use Adobe Photoshop

mio_bella said...

I expected to see Andy to go the place of explosion. But it was a good decision not to go there. The air must have been full of asbestos, which might cause him mesothelioma. Phew, he was safe in the studio.

I was always wondering which program you can make wallpaper with. I might want to make one when I am bored!

Jan said...

Delie, Thanks, Do you know if you can download that program? I have a lot of pictures and I would love to do a collage.

Délie said...


I have a professional version and another one, more basic, called Photoshop Elements. This one is pre-setted with the Sony products (computer and digital cameras).
I guess you can find some free demo versions online.

You can have more explanations here :
And of course, the official webpage :