Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sense of AnderCandor?

9:00 - Woke up and drove my mom to work.
9:20 - Took a nap again.
9:40 - Tidy my room.
10:00 - Checked my email and all the blog. Watching LKL, I changed my blog layout a little bit.
10:45 - Anderson never appeared for the preview of AC360.
11:00 - AC360 Taped video started. I am not so fascinated and watched it for half an hour. But at least I had the whole 2-hour show recorded.
Anderson looked like this for the first hour;

and a pic from the second hour.

For the first time I saw Anderson wearing this black polo from NOLA, I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying because he was way too sexy. But this is my 4th time they run this Anderson (Live & 3 airing of Keeping them honest special I guess) and this time, I could just stay calm.

11:45 -Left home for swimming.
13:00 - Took a shower and had a quick lunch checking how Anderson looked for tonight's show.
14:30 - Played the piano and recorded again!

Ugh, this is terrible! I played the piano for the first time since I uploaded the video last time and had only half an hour to remember this music. I should have practiced more... Maybe I'll upload another video of the same song again soon.

15:30 - Now it's time to go and teach the piano to 4 kids. See you later!


Anonymous said...

Well done! I did the same piece last year for my piano exam. Did not do too well as I was nervous, but at least I did not fail. This is a hard piece and I don't think I can do it now without practising for so long. The beginning is the hardest for me. I remember practising it and watching Anderson in the Middle East last year! You did so well. I can listen to you play it over and over! Beppu.

Pati Mc said...

Dear Mio,

Thanks for playing the piano for us again. My goodness I could listen to you all day long! You are quite the virtuoso. How long have you been playing? Must have been since you were very small - you are so talented. Too bad that you are so far from me, I would take lessons from you as I have always wanted to play.

You should send to Anderson so that he can enjoy your playing. I feel certain that he would love it!

Thanks again for sharing this with us. What a pleasure! :)

mio_bella said...

Long time no see! I was wondering whether or not you visit this place.
You are studying music at school? You can tell easily how many times I made mistakes. What a shame! I should be able to play better than this...(Just an excuse?)

I have been playing the piano since I was four. Up until I was a college student, I never fail to practive the piano. But after I graduateed and got a job as an English teacher, I have been soooo lazy. At first I felt really guilty when I didn't play the piano for a week. Now I don't feel that way even when I don't practice for months! Rather, I feel so happy when I play it. Somehow, I can play any music that I have learned. I cannot play as well as I used to but still, though.