Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rerun of Edge of Disaster

I knew they would air this special but they added a little bit of a new segment at the beginning. Apparently it was recorded on Monday and that's why Anderson chose to wear this suit and tie.

Can you see the difference?

Pic from the new segment.

Pic from the original Edge of Disaster.

Anderson looks really cool even though this is the taped one. I cannot stop shouting every time he appears on screen!


mio_bella said...

From my pictures, it's pretty hard to tell the difference but the jacket he is wearing is different from the previous video.

Anonymous said...

Mio, you are so observant. I knew the first part was new because he mentioned the British threats and the Glasgow attack. They had to add that in because one way or another it affects the US. And as the special showed, anything can happen, anytime, anywhere.


mio_bella said...

Actually, I couldn't tell that the beginning was new one on the spot. After he started talking about that foiled bomb attack in London. Then I noticed that the jacket was different.

ONEIDA said...

You have a real Crushhhhh! go and get it. Enjoy he is cute Do you know how many time he slide the mouth the and smile?

mio_bella said...

Welcome, ONEIDA!
I'm so sorry I didn't reply to you sooner.

I've never counted how many times he smiles sliding the mouth. Maybe I'll try someday! This must be a nice idea! I can concentrate only on his beautiful face!