Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Powerful Eyes

Pebbles let me know the other day that Anderson started kickboxing. What a coincidence in a way. I got "Billy's Boot Camp DVD" a few days ago, and was thinking of starting it any time soon. It must be a hard work, but with that idea of Anderson taking kickboxing exercise, I might be stick to it!
Then, I started. I do not have a confidence in my physical strength. I cannot so much as do one push up. Would I be able to complete a program and yell, "VICTORY" at the end of the exercise? As might be expected, I got exhausted 15 minutes after I started! I couldn't even stand up! Maybe the timing was bad. I started at 1:00am, after my busy day.
Oh, right. I gave up and turn to blogging!
ANDERSON IN NOLA! Look at Anderson's eyes! They are really powerful, emotional and unforgettable when he is telling stories about this state. We can tell easily how concerned he has been.

Bicep! The subtitle is blocking our view of ultra-sexy Anderarm! But these words highlight how powerfully they are built.

I was amazed to hear a story about a couple helping people build houses for Katrina victims. Who can I turn to? Politician? Government? The normal persons with strong will and a strong sense of responsibility. What a brave woman she is!

How about some soft-eyed Anderson?

Mmm, Andersmile. (So yummy to Anderfans!!)

I almost forgot that I was exhausted! I'd better hit the sack immediately.


anne carter said...

HI Mio,
I wish Anderson had done a 2 hour show in NOLA.You can tell how passionate and concerned he is each time he goes there.I bet he will be back there at the end of August for the 2 year Katrina anniversary.
Great screencaps from the show!
Mio,I really like the photo of the week-you must have quite a collection of Andy photos!

Soupy Twist said...

Hello Mio,

I really love the screencaps. We got to see more of Anderson in casual clothes. I loved his polo and jeans! So yummy.

Have you checked out Anderson's interview on Ryan Seacrest's radio show website?

mio_bella said...

Delie (From Mmm ANDERSON
Thank you for Zizou information. I went to France last year and I was amazed to see a huge Adidus ad in front of the airport. All the cool soccer players welcomed me and the last thing and hugest pic was Zizou. What happened to his last game was a nightmare as you said, but it won't disgrace his wonderful soccer career. I am not crazy about him like I am about Anderson, but I admire him a lot and believe he is the best soccer player ever.

I expected a two-hour show, too! I was a little bit shocked when they started running the previous show at about 12:15. But Anderson was so passhionate, as you said, that I was completely satisfied.

Soupy Twist
Of course I already checked out Ryan Seacrest's place. My former "collegue" LB provided ATA with the information. The first thing I did after I came back from work is... check out this blog, visited ATA and then downloaded 73 pictures, along with audio,at Ryan's!

Soupy Twist said...

I could listen to Anderson all day. I'm so happy that they took pictures, and he was wearing a polo then too! Keep wearing polos Anderson (and tight t-shirts, too)!