Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No more "enthusiastic" updating for a few weeks

This sounds a little brusque, but I won't update this blog as enthusiastically as before for a few weeks. Usually I go to bed at 3:00am and wake up at 9:00am. From now on, for a month, I have to be at work by 7:30am and I usually find it hard to adjust my biological clock. I started watching Tuesday show, but I couldn't get through. I'm turning to podcast and going to bed with my ipod.

At least, thank you for visiting this blog. All you find is an excuse? Hmm, that's not nice. I at least picturecaped a brilliant one!


anne carter said...

HI Mio,
you have so many great debate screencaps,thanks so much for posting them!
I think you should send in your Ander drawing to 360-it might be picked as 'shot of the day'!It's so cute,I think he'd really like it!
You are a very busy lady,Mio.I hope you'll still post from time to time if you get a chance-would still like to know how you're doing!

Jan said...

Mio--I understand why with as busy as you are, but we will miss you. Hope it isn't for a long period of time.

Good Luck

Soupy Twist said...

I totally understand why you won't be on often for a while. We are going to miss you.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and get your sleep! You need your rest, or you'll burn out and where would we be without you!!

See you after your break!

Délie said...

I am already missing you, Mio!

Good luck for your busy days and I'm waiting for more happy times for you soon.

beaslma said...

Hey Girl keep your sanity in check... :-) that's the only way to do it ... I know I myself am struggling with that. Everyone on the planted seems to have way more to do than they can yet it continues to pile on.

PS - If andy can pack it in cause it's "summer" why can't you :-)

mio_bella said...

Thank you so much for all of your nice comments. I may have mislead you but I will update this blog every time Anderson appears on the show. I definitely watch it every day at all cost! I just meant that I might not write so much and not post so many pictures as I have.

I just finished watching Wednesday 360 and I'm bloging about it soon!

I was so glad the debate was on my day off! I did spend a lot of time on watching the shows and picturecaping! Anderdrawing for THE SHOT? Hmm, I'd be so embarrassed!

As I said, I will try to update this blog almost every day! You may find a few pics of Anderson!

Thanks to NeoPod, you can easily see if I am online or not. Or you can tell that at the Hideaway?

Actually, I took a nap after I came back home and I am feeling fine enough to watch AC360! Yeah!

I am online most of the time except work hours. We can keep in touch any time and I constantly read and write comments here!

Yeah, I should,do some sanity check. Too much Anderson and too much blogging can make me insane! I admit that I am addicted not only to Anderson but to all the people who constantly visit this blog and leave comments!