Monday, July 23, 2007


I installed this NeoPod. This is awesome! You can see the statistics and you can tell which countries and cities readers are visiting from. I can tell very clearly that I am communicating with people from all over the world.

With the world map, I can see whether it is in the morning/afternoon or in the evening. At the same time, you can see the past visitors.... OMG! There's a humongous circle around my area! That's my place! Everytime I open IE, this page pops up! I may be visiting this blog 20 or 30 times a day!? I look too obsessed!

Anyway, this is a free trial of NeoPod and we can enjoy this up until Angust 6th.


anne carter said...

Oh,wow this is so amazing!When I put on the world map it was blinking on where I am!
You really have a lot of visitors,Mio!

mio_bella said...

This is definitely the most intersting thing on my blog now. I needed something to survive Ander-starvation over the weekend. But in about 7 hours, we'll be seeing a lot of Andy. Mmm, Anderson!

Pati Mc said...

Hi Mio,

Love this NewPod - very cool.

I wanted to ask you if you got the photo I sent you of Anderson and Wyatt? I cannot remember which email account of yours that I sent it to. Anyhow, hope you got it.

Looking very forward to seeing Anderson for hours tonight. He seems very excited about this - I understand that he has been rehearsing all weekend. The photo of him in jeans, polo and sneakers on CNN's home page is cute!

Enjoy the show tonight girls :)

mio_bella said...

I'm afraid I haven't got the photo. Sometimes we have a time lag. Let's wait and see.
We can tell how enthusiastic Anderson has been preparing for thie YouTube debates. I cannot wait until I can see hours and hours of Anderson!
However, I didn't find the rehearsal pic attractive... I'll post another pic that doesn't attract me so much.

Délie said...

Hey Mio,

I saw that someone from Lyon has watched your blog! Another French Anderfan? That would be great! This NeoPod is really funny!
I will watch live the debate. It's 9.40 pm in Paris and I have tp wait til 1am.
French press has started to talk about this debate today. I read two articles in an important national newspaper called Le Figaro. It's the first time I read the name of Anderson Cooper in French press! And I saw a segment in a TV Prime news this evening. They showed some videos of Youtube and the CNN commercial for this event! Unbelievable! I saw Anderson on a French TV news program. I'm sure there will more articles tomorrow.